As the Raptors are now 11-5 on the season and have won four in a row according to, they have definitely become one of the most talked about teams in the NBA right now. One of their wins coming against the New York Knicks on Friday, November 17. But it is not only the Raptors that are being praised, their rookie Og Anunoby has gotten some very high praise from Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant praises OG Anunoby

Kevin Durant is the type of player that will respect his opponents such as Lebron James. But as of recent, Kevin Durant has been impressed by what he has seen so far from Anunoby.

It's no surprise that Kevin Durant has praised the rookie, as OG Anunoby plays tough, he can shoot the ball, he is a good rebounder and he is going to continue to play well in the future. For a superstar like Kevin Durant to praise the rookie that is definitely huge for the youngster and he should be proud.

Going back to October according to The Score, OG scored eight points, four rebounds, two assists, and a plus-8 in 18 minutes coming off the bench against the Golden State Warriors. These numbers are better than average for just the fourth NBA game from the rookie.

Another team Anunoby played well against was the Houston Rockets against former Raptor P.J. Tucker, where many have compared the two as similar players.

The only thing that Anunoby lacks in comparison to Tucker is experience. But many already are seeing OG as a better version of Tucker. As time goes on OG will gain experience and become a better basketball player. This is his time to shine and gain momentum as a rookie.

Anunoby flying high

Taking place of injured Norman Powell, Anunoby has done a stellar job of moving into the starting lineup.

The Raptors have been succeeding with the help of Anunoby and it shows with their four-game winning streak. Of course, another rookie that has caught the attention of Kevin Durant is Lonzo Ball of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Anunoby has the size, physicality and represents no fear when he is on the court. He is the type of player that the Raptors can rely on heavily this season.

It is not only Kevin Durant that admires the rookie; Coach Dwayne Casey also admires how big he plays and how he is going to continue to grow as a player. He has showcased his strengths as a player and he has shined on the court. OG has without a doubt found his home with the Toronto Raptors and has found a great chemistry playing with teammate Kyle Lowry.