Scott Frost may be the hottest coach in college football. Even nearby Gainsville is raising an eyebrow, but they appear to be more interested in Frost's former boss, Chip Kelly. Frost has taken his 9-0 Central Florida Knights to the number 14 spot in the AP football poll and plenty of bowl selection people licking their chops to get him in their New Years Day game. If the Knights win out, there will be a good argument they belong in the final playoff picture.

Frost has become the Bob Devaney of Central Florida. Devaney was the Wyoming head coach when lowly Nebraska came calling in 1962 and only ten years, Devaney added the National Championship trophy to Nebraska's almost empty trophy case.

Nebraska is looking for another Devaney-like rise and the fans favor Frost.

After all, the talented coach was the Nebraska quarterback who last took the Husker program to a national championship after Frost's statesman-like post-game interview pushed Nebraska into the 1997 National Championship picture. The AP writers ignored his plea and gave the championship to Michigan but the coaches agreed with Frost, and the crystal football went to Lincoln.

With the exception of 2002 Rose Bowl game when Heisman Quarterback Erick Crouch lost the crystal football to Miami 37-14, Nebraska hasn't been a major contender. Plenty of pundits argued Nebraska didn't belong in that game after getting thumped in Boulder by the Colorado Buffalos.

Nebraska coaching history

When Devaney retired in 1972, Tom Osborne took over and stayed until 1997. He coached Frost's championship-winning 1997 team. They are father and son close.

Osborne brought three National Championship trophies back to Lincoln.Ticket prices went up, and "contribution" prices were added on top of that.

Nebraska expanded the stadium, added luxury boxes and installed a big screen system. Fans got better seats and closer parking if they shelled out more money. Students got moved. Older fans got moved. The money poured in. Nebraska added three National Championship trophies. Then, disaster struck the program. Osborne retired.

Nebraska Football after Osborne

Frank Solich followed Osborne into the coaching ranks but was forced out in 2003 when AD Steve Petersen put the brand in the hand of highly touted Bill Callahan. Callahan went 27-22 before the Nebraska administration tossed both Petersen and Callahan out.

Coach Osborne agreed to come out of retirement and help find a new head coach. He found Bo Pelini. Pelini's snapping turtle personality would have been a better fit in Gainesville with the Gator chomp than in fan-friendly Nebraska. Pelini got the boot in 2014.

The current Husker commander, mike riley, another former pro football coach like Callahan, and West Coast Offense lover, must win the last two games to avoid the worst season since 1961.

Sound familiar?

That's when Bob Devaney came to Lincoln. Will history repeat itself? Nebraska fans are longing for the glory days and the powerful I-formation and recently hired new AD Bill Moos better deliver. The fans want their walk-on tradition back.They want a coach that knows Nebraska Football all the way down to his cleated toes.

Nebraska fans want Scott Frost.

Will Scott Frost leave Central Florida to come home to the Nebraska mess? After all, the Frost family is young, and the Orlando area is perfect for them and his love for golf. He is in a paradise of his own making, and the money will surely improve.

Nebraska isn't short of perks either. The Husker program has plenty of cash as demonstrated by the million dollar buyouts of former head coaches Callahan, Pelini and probably very soon, Mike Riley.

Will the furious Nebraska fans give Frost extra time to pull the Huskers out of this history of coaching fumbles?

What can Frost expect?

He'll get three years for sure. Maybe five. An outside bet is ten years to put another crystal football in the trophy case, right next to his. Four other coaches couldn't get the job done. Is Frost ready for that kind of pressure? His phone may be ringing more than a senator trying to hide from a scandal.

Keep in mind; it wouldn't be the first time Frost said no to Nebraska. The former Wood River, Nebraska star turned his back on the Huskers and took a full-ride from Stanford and a chance to be coached by Bill Walsh. Frost changed his mind after his first year and went home to Nebraska and Osborne.

Which path will Frost take?

He can become a program building legend at Central Florida, or he can walk in the shoes of Devaney and Osborne and do what seems impossible right now. Frost has a chance to bring Nebraska Football back to greatness.