Matt Kenseth is one of NASCAR’s top drivers. As a champion and two-time Daytona 500 winner, he’s etched out a pretty impressive career for himself. But could Kenseth’s racing career soon be coming to an end?

The driver is set to exit Joe Gibbs Racing at the end of the season and so far Kenseth doesn’t have a new ride for next year. The news has caused concern for many of Kenseth's longtime fans. Since Matt hasn’t signed on with another race team, many are wondering if his days of racing are over.

Kenseth's racing career

Like many drivers, Kenseth began his career at an early age driving on the independent circuit.

He competed in numerous races near his home in Wisconsin. During his time racing on short tracks, Kenseth racked up lots of victories and earned a few championships.

By the late 1990s, Kenseth left the independent racing scene to concentrate on finding a ride in NASCAR. In early 2000, he signed on to drive for owner Jack Roush. Later that year, Kenseth would score his first win during the Coca-Cola 600, one of NASCAR’s top races. To cap off Matt’s first year in NASCAR, he would be awarded the honor of Rookie of the Year at the end of the season.

Matt’s career at Roush Racing would continue to be a success. In 2003, he won the prestigious Winston Cup championship. Yet, his championship win came with some backlash due to the fact that he only won one race.

Many believe Kenseth’s championship win led to the creation of NASCAR’s Chase playoff series.

Despite the criticism, Matt continued to enjoy success at Roush Racing. Throughout his career with the team, he scored twenty-four victories, including two Daytona 500 wins. In 2012, the driver announced he would be leaving Roush to join Joe Gibbs Racing.

While Kenseth’s decision to leave Roush shocked many, he proved to be a good asset to Joe Gibbs Racing. Throughout the course of his career with Joe Gibbs, he would win 14 races and earn a spot in the Chase playoffs every year since its creation. After five years with Gibbs, Kenseth announced he would be departing the team at the end of 2017.

Matt's future

Kenseth’s announcement that he was departing Joe Gibbs Racing came as a shock to his fans. Yet, being a champion and two-time Daytona 500 winner, everyone would assume he’d quickly find a new ride. But as the season began to wind down, there was no news about Matt signing with a new team.

To add to the fans’ worry, Kenseth recently revealed that he was taking some time off from racing in 2018. The news has fans concerned that his racing career has come to an end. Whether Matt Kenseth officially retires or comes back to racing remains in question. No matter what the driver decides to do, he’s already created a legendary career for himself and should be proud of his accomplishments.