The Buffalo Bills were 5-4 headed into Sunday's game against the Chargers, and it looks like they will be 5-5 after week 11. Nathan Peterman received the start this week over Tyrod Taylor, amid public outcry over the decision. In the first quarter, Nathan threw a whopping 3 interceptions, with one of them returned for a touchdown. That left the Bills in a massive hole from which they will likely be unable to recover, and Twitter didn't let Peterman or the Bills organization hear the end of it.

Richard Sherman rips decision making

The Seattle Seahawks cornerback is known for having a loud mouth, and he wasn't going to keep quiet on the Tyrod Taylor situation.

He posted the following Tweet after the poor start from Peterman.

After two more interceptions, the cornerback piled it on and posted yet another Tweet.

It's hard to believe that Nathan Peterman is still in the game after four interceptions, and we might see a new quarterback after halftime. But for now, Tyrod Taylor looks pretty good on the sidelines.

Twitter praises Tyrod Taylor

There was no shortage of GIFs, Tweets, or memes that were posted in support of the former Bills starter.

Right now, Tyrod does seem to be sitting pretty as the quarterback who could have certainly put on a better performance than what Nathan Peterman did in the first half.

Tyrod certainly didn't agree with his benching, and right now, it looks like he was absolutely right.

The question now is whether or not Tyrod Taylor will come back in the second half of this one.

He may not, even if Sean McDermott and the Bills ask him to.

Nathan Peterman ripped on Twitter

Fans who watched Peterman now know that he wasn't ready to be a NFL quarterback.

And even the most optimistic Bills fan would have to admit that after the first half, Peterman is not going to be the guy. This is definitely how all Buffalo fans feel after watching what could only be described as a horrific start by Peterman:

And the comparisons to counter part quarterback Tyrod Taylor didn't end, with Matthew Berry getting in on the action:

The Bills went from a team that didn't make mistakes to one that literally handed the Chargers defense the game in the first half.

Most of the blame was placed on Nathan Peterman, as he was on pace for a whopping ten interceptions in his first NFL game. Sean McDermott might have thought that Peterman would give Buffalo their best shot to win games, but it's clear now that he's definitely not the best option on the roster. Instead, it's a guy who's been sitting patiently on the bench for the whole game.

We'll see if they bring him back in the second half of this one.