On paper, the Cleveland Cavaliers are considered one of the best teams in the league. The sad reality is that the Cavaliers are still struggling to find the right combination on the floor. While others put the blame on the number of injured players, they shouldn’t be – the Atlanta Hawks had five players on the injury list when they played the Cavaliers.

In a recent interview with the two Cleveland Cavaliers superstars, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James admitted that there is something wrong going on. The problem is that they haven’t figured out the way on to solve the problem.

Second unit better than starters

Dwyane Wade’s only wish is that their starting unit must get off to a better start, “It's no secret we're starting games off awful, terrible,” Wade said in an interview after the game. And he’s right – in all six losses, the Cavaliers were trailing their opponents after the first quarter: Magic (-18), Nets (-3), Pelicans (-13), Knicks (-10), Pacers (-1), and Hawks (-9).

“You try to battle back, you waste a lot of energy trying to come back from 16-18 down and it's tough nightly to do this,” Wade added. But more than criticizing their starting unit, the 2006 NBA Finals MVP instead challenged the starting lineup to give them a breather instead of “a 10-plus hole that we're trying to dig out of.”

The Atlanta Hawks’ game gave a better emphasis on the difference between the Cavaliers’ starters and second unit.

While the Cavaliers beat the Hawks in bench scoring, 64-26, led by Wade (25) and Kyle Korver (23); the visiting Hawks’ starters outscored the Cavaliers’ starting unit, 91-51.

No energy, no effort

“No energy,” was how LeBron James summarized his team’s performance. LeBron admitted that the issue “has been going on for a while” and that they have been trying to find a solution to this problem.

Unfortunately, the solution still isn’t available when they faced the Atlanta Hawks.

But unlike Wade, LeBron isn’t pointing his finger at any player or group. He called on everyone “to step up their play for us to be as good as we'd like to be.” Sharpshooting center Channing Frye agrees, saying, “We got to play harder,” that everyone must focus on the details and have a better sense of urgency.

The entire team

According to most NBA analysts and even some fans, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ losing spell can be attributed to the players’ inconsistencies. LeBron James may be the Cavs’ leading scorer, but he also leads the team in turnovers. After LeBron, Kevin Love is the next consistent contributor on the floor; however, he was forced to leave the Hawks game and was listed as, day-to-day, leading to Tuesday’s game against Milwaukee due to an unspecified illness.

When asked whether he was to blame for the team’s woes, Cavs coach Ty Lue responded with, “I don't know.” Since the start of the season, coach Ty has already produced six different starting combinations with only LeBron and Kevin playing all ten games. Coach Ty believes that the problem is, “all of us,” though he echoed Dwyane Wade’s point that the starters must play better.