If you are losing in your seasonal fantasy leagues, weekly leagues may be your option to keep the season alive. There is a lot more to think about when you have every player available each week, though. You will also be going up against people like myself who really do study the NFL. Here are some of the smaller factors that the insiders look at to win big.

The over/under

There is a reason that Las Vegas is making money. More often than not Las Vegas gets the high scoring games correct. You can select multiple players from these contests and sometimes cash in big on low salary players.

The key to winning any FanDuel tournament is finding the low rent players that no one else has. Matches with more points involved obviously have these players more frequently.


The smallest price difference for fantasy output lies within DST. A few hundred dollars in your salary cap can cost you twenty points on your points total. This is an area where people tend to bargain to gain a higher position player. Do not fall into this trap. My best advice is to pick the DST you want first.

Offensive line

People tend to forget that offensive line injuries greatly affect every offensive position on the field. If the quarterback is hurried the entire game, he tends to not be as accurate. The running back cannot run the ball without blockers.

Wide receivers cannot catch balls that are not thrown to them. This is also a factor in picking your DST. If the opposing team has a depleted offensive line then that is the defense you want to pick.

Starstruck picks

We all have our favorite players in the NFL. However, sometimes they are not worth the dollar amount. If your favorite receiver is nursing a hamstring injury, he is probably overvalued for the salary cap.

Just because Tom Brady is amazing, it does not mean that he can do whatever he wants to the “no fly zone” in Denver. Pick your players based off of matchups and strength of schedule. Don’t forget to see how your picks' opponent does against their position.

The weather

Who can throw a ball in snow better than someone in a dome?

Would you want to kick a ball into fifty mile per hour winds? The weather can produce varied results per position in any NFL game. A defense is more likely to destroy someone in severe conditions. A running back will get more carries in a severe weather situation. It is the little things that get those final points you need to win big.

I hope that helps you win your first million. Just remember, if you do win big the government will come looking for their percentage. Don't go blow it all in Las Vegas. Good luck, everyone!