Who says you can’t go home? With the MLB Hot Stove rumor mill winter meetings getting ready to take over the baseball news for the next few months, fans in Detroit have to be wondering what the team is going to do after last season's fire sale.

Tigers General Manager, Al Avila, has made it clear that the team is not going to be breaking the bank like in previous offseasons, but the Tigers will be eyeing several players - every team does. So how about the two familiar faces of Alex Avila and Cameron Maybin?

Why Detroit needs to bring back Alex Avila, Cameron Maybin

Tigers fans know the story. It started with so much promise in the spring and ended with a fall nightmare. Gone, since this time last year, are JD Martinez, Justin Upton, Justin Verlander, Justin Wilson, Francisco Rodríguez, Andre Romine, Alex Avila and Cameron Maybin, to name a few. While fans in Motown would love to see those guys return, that just isn’t going to happen. However, two of those names should be on the Tigers' radar.

Alex Avila and Cameron Maybin are currently free-agents and Detroit should be very interested in bringing them back into the fold, and here is why.

Add some veteran stability

The Detroit Tigers hired Ron Gardenhire to take over a team that everyone knows is in rebuilding mode.

In five weeks last summer, the Tigers went from a veteran team chasing a playoff spot, to one of the younger teams in AL Central, especially in the pitching category.

Avila is known for calling great games behind the plate and was a pitchers' favorite to throw too. He knows the team, he would be great with the young staff, and he would be an ideal backup to James McCann.

Most of all, he isn’t going to cost the team a ton of money. Avila made just two million dollars last season, making him a steal to bring back. This to me seems like a no-brainer.

On to Maybin. Why Detroit was so quick to ship him off before the 2017 MLB season began was anyone's guess, but bringing him back should be considered.

Right now the Tigers official roster lists the outfielders as Mikie Mahtook, Alex Presley, Tyler Collins and Jacoby Jones - and sometimes Nick Castellanos.

Adding Maybin to the fold once again brings a guy who could leadoff. It also brings an instant threat to steal a base or two. And once again, he doesn’t come with a $20 million dollar yearly salary. Maybin made $8 million in 2017. If Detroit could bring both players back for $15 million or less, it would be a bargain in today's salaries.