The Cleveland Cavaliers keep on making the headlines of the NBA news. Ever since the season started, and even before that, the Cavaliers have probably been the most talked-about NBA franchise. The defending Eastern Conference champions were in the focus of the attention during this past summer when they decided to trade Kyrie Irving, and it's no different now during the season.

After they traded Irving to the Boston Celtics, the Cavs decided they will need more firepower on the point guard position. The organization made a risky move as they went on to sign Derrick Rose on a one-year deal, despite all of his injury issues he's had over the course of his career.

Rose took part in seven of the Cavaliers first 11 games of the season, and he played well.

Former MVP in a tough spot

But early in November, his struggles started again. He suffered an ankle injury and was ruled out indefinitely. Rose hasn't played since that injury took place and he has now missed the last eight games with the Cavaliers. Earlier last week, a shocking news came from Derrick Rose's camp as it was announced that the former league-MVP will consider moving away from the basketball. ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Rose is "tired of being hurt and it's taking a toll on him mentally." The 29-year-old point guard announced that he will take time off from basketball to evaluate his future with the Cavaliers and with basketball in general.

It was a shocking news as nobody saw it coming, especially at this point of the season.

It was also a news that rose many questions for the Cleveland Cavaliers and their championship ambitions. If Rose leaves the team, where does that leave the Cleveland Cavaliers? Who will be their backup point guard and how will it affect the team chemistry?

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN brought the latest on Derrick Rose's status earlier today, as he may have given us the answer on some of these questions.

Rose has remained in touch with Cavs

ESPN's Wojnarowski reported that the Cavaliers have stayed in touch with Derrick Rose over these past few days as he is dealing with his issues.

Rose's future with the team is still uncertain, but it is a good thing that the two sides have made contact as they haven't completely cut off communication. This is what Wojnarowski wrote in his report: "Cleveland Cavaliers guard Derrick Rose is staying in communication with the franchise’s front office during his self-imposed exile, but his future status with the team remains unclear, league sources told ESPN.”

Wojnarowski also wrote that apparently, Rose is weighing his options on whether or not he should return to the Cavs this season, or should he return to basketball at all.

It is going to be another tough process for Rose to return from another major injury, if he decides to. It's a tough spot for the youngest league-MVP of all time but also for his team, and his teammates in Cleveland.