Andy Murray, 30, has his name put on a short list of male players that are expected to bounce back stronger during the next season. Being part of an unfortunate list of absentees, the former world No. 1 and three-time Grand Slam winner, Andy Murray made his first steps onto what is expected to be a bright comeback. The charity event Andy Murray Live in Glasgow had him sharing the same court with his rival and friend Roger Federer.

Four months after that hip injury prevented him from digging deeper at Wimbledon, the Brit seemed far from his regular output of tennis.

Of course, the argument of an exhibition match can weigh heavy but overall he is not ready for the big stage yet. Still, there are two months until a new season will begin and Murray has plenty of time ahead.

Andy Murray has become a father for the second time

Andy and his wife Kim were expecting a child after the pregnancy announcement was made back in July. Days before his exhibition in Glasgow, his wife gave birth to their second baby girl. It appears that Andy Murray's priorities may suffer a shift of course in the future. After all, he is past the 30 years of age limit and there is no rule for him to keep his feet in the game that much. In the past, Murray made it clear that his family will always come first.

Now that he is a father for the second time, he has one more reason to put in the balance.

Given the tough environment he has been through for the past decade, Andy Murray's achievements come right in front. An era consisting of Federer, Nadal or Djokovic would have been any player's nightmare. But not for Murray who stood there firmly taking his chances up for a ride.

Now, he will start basically from scratch as the season of 2018 will put him on the 16th slot when the game starts in January.

Andy Murray had his peak back in 2016

The highlight of his career was reaching the world No. 1 at the end of 2016. A surreal last-minute bid saw hi leapfrogging Novak Djokovic for the year's end No. 1 seat after a compelling win at the ATP Finals.

The past season was not all about ranking as Murray clinched a second Wimbledon title playing two other Grand Slam finals (both lost to Djokovic). The cherry on top and the element that gave his record a special shiny look was clinching the second gold medal at the Olympics in Rio.

For the next year, there are no guarantees that Andy Murray will manage to rise from his own ashes again but one thing is certain; it'll be a worth-watching endeavor.