The first match of the WWE "Hell in a Cell 2017" pay-per-view saw The New Day step into the Hell in a Cell structure. They would put the WWE "SmackDown Live" Tag Team titles up for grabs in the cell against their ongoing rivals, The Usos. The two teams used a variety of big moves and weapons inside the cell as the championship belts were on the line. Here's the latest match recap for who walked out of the cell holding onto the tag team championship belts.

Match recap

The New Day would enter the Hell in a Cell first as the three members of the tag team champs cut a promo about the match.

Xavier Woods and Big E would compete in the match while Kofi Kingston remained outside the cell to cheer on his teammates. He watched as several big moments occurred. That included the use of two different trombones which Woods broke over one of The Usos in the ring. Several other musical instruments came into play include a cymbal and a cowbell which Woods smashed on one of The Usos in the ring.

There was also a huge suicide dive by Big E as he dove through the ropes to take down one of The Usos against the cage wall. Later, The New Day would bring a bunch of Kendo sticks into play. They'd use those to inflict some damage on one of The Usos but also to imprison one of them against the corner of the cage.

From there, The New Day tried to work over the one free opponent for a bit.

The Usos would become "free" of the sticks later on and used their own handcuffs to put Xavier Woods on the corner of the ring for a kendo stick beating. However, as they got back into the ring to go after Big E, he was ready. He'd dump one of them out of the ring before hitting The Big Ending on the other.

Big E had a pinfall but it didn't reach the three count. The Usos would manage to hit a doubleteam move on E but Woods came in to make a save.

Match winners

After a variety of big moves and spots, The Usos managed to isolate Xavier Woods in the ring. They would place a steel chair across Woods in the center of the ring. From there, the two brothers would each jump off opposite ring corners to hit the double splash move.

After the ref counted the pinfall, The Usos collected themselves on the mat before leaving the cell holding the championship belts.

The Usos had been listed as small favorites right before the "Hell in a Cell" pay-per-view to win the match and it held true. They'll now enter this Tuesday's "SmackDown Live" as the brand new tag team champions and three-time holders of these belts.