On Sunday night, WWE fans got to witness the latest "SmackDown Live" exclusive pay-per-view as "Hell in a Cell 2017," which took place in Detroit, Michigan. The latest event featured four championships on the line and two matches fought inside the Hell in a Cell structure. There were two new champions crowned and bodies damaged during the latest pay-per-view. Here's a look at all of Sunday's big winners and the fallout that's on the way for Tuesday night.

Match results

The first match of the evening didn't disappoint as it featured the WWE "SmackDown" tag team titles on the line inside Hell in a Cell.

The New Day put their belts up against The Usos in the opening bout. It featured plenty of big spots, musical instruments as weapons, kendo sticks, and a double splash onto a steel chair on Xavier Woods. That was good for The Usos to collect the pinfall win and the tag titles for their third reign.

In another match, Randy Orton and Rusev continued their feud from "SummerSlam" and "SmackDown." Rusev looked like he may be on the verge of a win when he tried for The Accolade late, but Orton escaped the move and hit a surprise RKO for the win.

The United States title match became a triple threat tonight due to Tye Dillinger pleading his case to Daniel Bryan ahead of the PPV. Bryan added him to the match and Dillinger would put up a strong fight despite seeming to hurt his knee.

Towards the end, it was just Tye and AJ in the match with AJ managing to overcome "The Perfect 10" with the Phenomenal Forearm. Styles was ready to grab the win, but Baron Corbin rushed in to kick Styles out of the ring. From there, "The Lone Wolf" stole the pinfall and won the U.S. Championship.

Charlotte Flair wasn't as fortunate in her title opportunity as she took on Natalya for the "SmackDown" Women's Championship.

Nattie grabbed an early advantage when she managed to tweak Charlotte's knee, causing her to hobble around the ring for most of the match. Charlotte would put up a valiant effort despite the injury issue. At one point, things spilled outside and Charlotte somehow hit her reverse moonsault off the corner to take down Natalya outside.

However, the champ recovered and grabbed a steel chair to bash Charlotte with, causing a DQ. That meant Charlotte won the match but Nattie kept the title.

Shinsuke Nakamura would also come close but fall short in his attempt to win the WWE Championship. The Singh Brothers once again roamed around the outside of the ring and caused distractions for the challenger. At one point, the referee told them they were ejected from the match. Nakamura would hit his finisher in the ring on Jinder but the referee wasn't there to count the fall as he was busy telling the Singh Brothers to go backstage. Later, Mahal was able to hit his Cobra Clutch finisher to collect the victory by pinfall.

Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode had the second-to-last match of the night.

Ziggler made his ring entrance by having his music cut and walking out with no music or display on the big screen. In the match, the "Glorious" one picked up his first big WWE pay-per-view win.

Main event

The big main event was the second Hell in a Cell match of the evening and featured Shane McMahon battling Kevin Owens. The two stars were not only in a HIAC match but also a "Falls Count Anywhere" situation. That meant the match would go inside and outside of the cell, around the ring, up the ramp and near the crowd.

There were plenty of big spots in this match including Shane doing a coast-to-coast across the ring to dropkick a trashcan on Owens in the ring corner. There was also a spot with Owens trying to hit a Cannonball on Shane on a table propped against the cage.

In another spot, the two competitors both scaled the cell and began to fight up on top.

Owens managed to get the upper hand on the top of the cage after hitting a Popup Powerbomb and several other moves. He would begin to descend the side of the cage, but Shane reached over to begin fighting him. The two would battle on the side of the cage wall with Shane banging Owens' head against the wall. That caused Owens to crash through an announcers' table below.

"Shane-O-Mac" wasn't done though. He would set up Owens on another announcers' table and then climbed up to the top of the cage again.

After praying to God above, Shane made the death-defying leap off the top for an elbow drop. However, Sami Zayn appeared from the crowd and was waiting near the table to yank Kevin Owens off the table. That caused Shane to crash through the table.

With medical personnel and officials checking on Shane's condition, Shane shoved them away and helped put Owens on top of Shane for the pinfall victory. Post-match, referees helped Owens walk up the ramp backstage as Shane was loaded onto a stretcher to get wheeled out of the arena.

That closed out the latest WWE "Hell in a Cell" pay-per-view for the "SmackDown Live" brand with a bang. Fans will certainly be looking forward to seeing what Sami Zayn has to say for himself on the upcoming episode this Tuesday.