Last week the Washington Redskins beat the Oakland Raiders, 27-10. Now both teams are 2-1 in the league. This week the Redskins play the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City, Missouri. Several keys will be needed for Washington to beat Kansas City. Although Washington's defense has turned out to be much stronger than previously expected, they face the third best offense in the NFL, and that includes rookie running back Kareem Hunt. This will be a tremendous test for the Redskins to determine just how good their defense is.The Redskins do have the second highest rated rushing defense.

Will it be enough to stop Hunt?

Redskins vs Chiefs: necessary ingredients for victory

Redskins reported that if the Washington Redskins want to win there are several things they will need to do. This included keeping key players in the loop like wide receiver Josh Doctson. Although Achilles Heel injuries have plagued Doctson, he caught a pass last week and ran for 52 yards. If the Washington defense wants to succeed in stopping the Kansas City defense, it will be necessary to hunt down Kareem Hunt. After fumbling the ball on his first play, he has made few mistakes since and is the league's leading rusher with 401 yards in three games.

The Washington Post reported that the biggest surprise of the year had been the Washington Redskins defense.

The team has the second-ranked rushing defense and has only allowed 62.3 yards per game since Hunt has been averaging twice that, this is a real test for the team. Hunt took over as running back after Spencer Ware suffered a knee injury. Ware won't be back since the surgery for his knee injury ended the season for him.

Redskins winning in spite of injuries

USA Today reported that Jordan Reed might finally return to the field to play. Although Reed may return, other players are not so certain, and it could affect the Redskins play. This includes linebacker Mason Foster and starting running back Robert Kelley. Kelley felt he could have played in last weeks game.

He was not allowed to play. Quarterback Kirk Cousins has played well with 25 completions and 365 yards and is finally settling into play like his Pro Bowl self.

ESPN reported that Washington may face a tough battle against Kansas City because now the Chiefs are a big play machine. They have had at least one touchdown in the last nine games that were over 50 yards.

This may be the result of quarterback Alex Smith throwing the ball a lot and connecting a lot. The reason for the stronger Chiefs offense is the addition of running back Kareem Hunt and wide receiver Tyreek Hill over the last two years. It will be a real test for the Redskins defense.