According to a report by New York Post, Tiger Woods can now resume his golfing activities after he recovered from multiple back surgeries. His doctor gave him the green light to play golf again without any restrictions at all.

Tiger Woods is definitely one of the most successful athletes in modern history and for golfing fans, it is great news that he been cleared by his doctor to return to the game. Team USA is ready to welcome him even though he has not publicly declared his intention to return.

Is Tiger Woods finally back in the game?

After revealing that he might not be able to make a return to golf tournaments last month, the professional golf player said that he was still hoping that he could return to what he does best.

“He got a nice report and is allowed to proceed,” Mark Steinberg, his agent, unveiled. "He can do as much as he needs to do. Tiger is going to take this very, very slowly. This is good, but he plans to do it the right way.”

On October 16, Woods posted a short video on his Twitter account which showed him hitting a golf ball. He even captioned it with, "Making Progress." Jim Furyk, USA Ryder Cup captain was impressed by his recovery and his swing. Fans of Woods will be happy to see him return to competitive golf.

Team USA wants to have Woods on their team for the upcoming Ryder Cup

Tiger Woods is a great resource and would be a welcome addition to the team, whether that would be as a player or as a vice captain,” Furyk stated in an interview with The Telegraph.

Furyk knows how much Woods want to come back to play golf once more. He also admitted that having Woods return to the game will be excellent for the future of the sport.

Furky also unveiled his thoughts about the future of the US team in the golf business. He believes that the US players are still up to speed and that they can win any golf tournament. “I do not think the International team played as well as they could and the US team played very well and built a lot of momentum," Furyk elaborated.

“Everyone is going to get excited, but this will be a different match."

According to the Ryder Cup captain, he does not want his golf players to be overconfident and he does not want them to think they are the greatest golfers at all. Nevertheless, he wants them to prove their skills during the tournament.

At this time, Tiger Woods is yet to comment about the thoughts of Jim Furyk, and whether he will be able to play in Team USA for the upcoming Ryder Cup.