The Oakland Raiders head to the East Bay this weekend and begin a three-game streak at home that starts with the Baltimore Ravens. The second home game, next weekend, will be against divisional rivals the Los Angeles Chargers, and the third home game will be against divisional leaders Kansas City Chiefs, who are also the only undefeated team in the league.

As for this weekend, the Raiders face a team, the Ravens, that has started because this season but depleted in the last two games. Both teams are trying to bounce back from a two-game losing streak.

The Silver and Black have the home field advantage, but their starting quarterback Derek Carr is out with a back injury, and that could mean a lot.

The backup is EJ Manuel, and he has been named the starting QB for this weekend against a Baltimore team that could quickly bounce back against the Raiders. Still, the Ravens have not shown a lot of luster just like the Raiders in the last two games. So, in the end, it will depend on who is hungrier when both teams meet on the field at the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum.

Baltimore Ravens' strength

The best part about the Ravens is their defense this year. Their secondary is dangerous as this unit managed to get nine interceptions so far in four weeks.

They also have a superb D line, ranked third in the NFL for their ability to stop teams on third downs.

For quarterback EJ Manuel of the Oakland Raiders, his job will be tough since he will go up against this top-notch secondary. Against the Denver Broncos last weekend, Manuel managed to move the chains but was stopped on the final play of the game with a pick.

His stats against the Broncos were not bad by the end, managing 106 yards out of 11 completions in 17 attempts.

The Raiders' key to victory

The Oakland Raiders need to up their offense which has been quiet in the last two games. Wide receiver Amari Cooper was slumping last weekend against the Broncos, dropping balls. He caught nothing last weekend, and that put him on the hot seat due to the fact that he was supposed to be leading the receiving corps with Michael Crabtree out with an injury.

The running game has to get better for the Raiders. Marshawn Lynch has not had a good game in the two losses received heavy criticism. Perhaps, the Raiders could just run a committee from the back including DeAndre Washington and Jalen Richard.

Also, the defense needs to stay consistent and pressure the quarterback. Joe Flacco of the Ravens has not been hot and has admitted that his performance has taken a toll on Baltimore’s game. Last weekend, the Raiders’ defense was not bad against the Broncos with Khalil Mack getting two sacks. Also, the Raiders have 10 sacks in four games, which is double from what they had last season.

Other major factors will obviously have to come to play for the Raiders to take the victory.

Still, the pressure is all on the Silver And Black since they were not suppose to be in a 2-2 situation. The Ravens are pretty much going to Oakland with nothing to lose, and that makes them dangerous. As for the Oakland Raiders, they just need to win and get back to where they were supposed to be even without their boy Derek Carr.