The Oakland Raiders have been boasting about their move to Las Vegas since the early part of this year. The NFL is believed to gain a new massive audience in Nevada and, of course, more money. Recently, the NFL has decided to protest the flag mostly for social injustice occurring around the nation and to protest Donald Trump.

Most of the teams, which included some coaches, decided to kneel during the National Anthem in week three of the football season. This caused outrage across the nation, and it also costed the league some major TV ratings. Many fans of the league went on to announce their boycotting of the league by burning jerseys and season tickets on social media.

As for the Raiders, their new stadium that is scheduled to go up by 2019, is at risk of facing a possible chance that it might not get financed. Most of the American public is outraged by the action of the NFL, mostly pertaining to the conservatives, and this could lead the public in not allowing the NFL to receive $750 million in bonds to build the $1.2 billion stadium in Las Vegas.

How it Looks in Las Vegas

Last year, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval made it clear that the Raiders moving to Las Vegas was a sure shot. The plan for the stadium is to have it done by 2019, and it would come with a cost of $1.2 billion. Tax payers will front about $750 million plus interest of that cost.

According to Sandoval and his crew of experts, the new stadium will make Las Vegas one of the best places to vacation around the world.

It will also help with the economy by staring 6,000 new jobs annually. Las Vegas will have an increase of around 1 million visitors annually as well.

All this could be threatened by the fact that the public is now really angered by the NFL and how it is choosing to protest. Kneeling to the flag has proven to be a sacrilegious act, and the public has now taken action.

Will boycotting funds for a new stadium in Las Vegas be possible?

As for Oakland

The Oakland Raiders have recently been talking of extending their current lease in Oakland with the executive director of the Coliseum. It was reported that the talks were being made to provide as a safe blanket just in case the new stadium in Las Vegas was not going to be built on schedule.

Now with this matter at hand, the perspective could be otherwise. Who really knows as to why the Raiders are wanting to extend their stay in Oakland until 2020? There is one funny aspect about all this, Oakland fans could favor out of this protest and cause the Raiders to stay in Oakland for a lot longer than originally planned.