Derrick Rose can't seem to shake off the controversial issue of not wanting to recruit in 2011. On Tuesday, the 29-year-old Cleveland Cavaliers point guard revealed how he made the effort to bring LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to the team. During the interview, he further said that he even made a recruitment video but cannot confirm whether the organization sent it out. The video also includes recruitment of Chris Bosh from the Toronto Raptors.

The Chicago Bulls on Derrick Rose's claims

The Chicago Bulls organization thinks otherwise. According to the Chicago SunTimes, through a source in the organization, said, the video was prompted and Rose is not the only one who made a video.

Joakim Noah and other members of the team were also asked to make a recruitment video. While LeBron James confirmed that Rose personally asked him to join the Bulls, the source said that at one point during a supposed flight with the team to talk to James, Rose backed out.

Dwyane Wade apparently waited for Derrick Rose's call, something that could have influenced his decision to join the Bulls, but it never happened. In an interview with Wade last season, he said: "That’s not his personality. Don’t want to do something that’s not in someone’s personality.’’

During the offseason of 2014, the Chicago Bulls organization expected Rose to make a move to recruit Carmelo Anthony, unfortunately, he bailed.

The report revealed that he failed to show up for dinner with Anthony and the rest of the management to possibly talk about a deal.

Lack of support for Rose

He still thinks he didn't get enough support from the Bulls, that the organization failed to back him up during the recruitment period. When asked why only now did he make a statement or defend himself of the accusations, Rose simply said, he wanted to know who got his back.

The big failure is that Derrick Rose did not make enough effort to pursue James and Wade when the two became free agents in 2010. When he was bombarded with allegations that he did not recruit, Rose remained quiet, thinking it's the organization's responsibility to say that.

Derrick Rose now joins LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in Cleveland for another run at the championship.

Wade was acquired by the Cavs after he agreed to a buyout deal from the Chicago Bulls. Rose currently fills in the position of starting point guard until such time Isaiah Thomas can return from offseason surgery to take the spot.