The Oakland Raiders are on a four-game losing streak and are being criticized heavily by their own fans and sports analysts. One step in improving this downward spiral for the Raiders has been the addition of veteran linebacker NaVorro Bowman.

While the silver and black have decided to bolster their defense a bit with the veteran who was released by the San Francisco 49ers, the offense still needs plenty of work to help the defense win games.

Bowman is a good addition to the Raider’s pass rushing squad, but it is believed that the Raiders will need more than the addition of one man to get the team back up to speed again.

On a good note, the Raiders have expressed excitement that the veteran linebacker from the other side of the bay has joined the silver and black.

What will NaVorro Bowman Bring?

For sure, the veteran linebacker will bring experience and strengthen the Raiders’ defense on the pass rushing scheme. This will definitely help the silver and black in the sense that the team is hurting with the secondary unit.

Bowman is also a four-time All-Pro and three-time Pro Bowler when he played for San Francisco. He is a true veteran who comes from the old 49ers’ era. He’s been around the league quite a bit and knows what it is all about.

His position in San Francisco was taken by rookie Reuben Foster, so he was let go by the 49ers.

The Raiders were in need of an inside linebacker and decided to put a veteran to fill the hole. The choice was not bad because Bowman has a lot offer still in his age.

As For The Offense

While the defense needed some tuning up, the offense for the Raiders is still needing to wind up. The talent is there, but, for some reason, chemistry seems to be lacking.

Also, the effort seems to be gone as well, as key players are not quite stepping into the limelight.

As for quarterback Derek Carr, his back injury is limiting him from producing. However, his main wide receiver Amari Cooper keeps dropping balls or is not quite getting open. In the meantime, running back Marshawn Lynch has not made an impact in the last four games, really.

Against, the Los Angeles Charger, Lynch dropped a couple of screen passes and was looking a lot like Cooper.

In the end, the offense needs to get wound up and moving fast. They need to start connecting and keep it coherent in order to produce enough points to win the game. The defense is not doing that bad considering all of the secondary guys that are injured. The offense needs to step it up and get some wins. Otherwise, the season will be pretty much all done with another loss.