Oakland Raiders rumors presented some very interesting information about the team, as injured quarterback Derek Carr has already returned to practice. That’s right, just four days after basically breaking his back, Carr is already practicing with the Raiders again. It certainly wasn’t a full-contact practice, but having Carr throwing passes to his teammates certainly shows how important he feels it is to get back on the field this season.

The report comes from ESPN staff writer Paul Gutierrez, who stated that Carr took part in the stretch period and the open media window portion of practice on Thursday (Oct.

5). Carr was seen throwing passes to Raiders receivers and he also spoke about how there was a lot of pain when he was tackled during Sunday’s loss (Oct. 1) against the Denver Broncos. He stated that his “back didn’t feel too good.”

Is Carr coming back early for Raiders?

While these Oakland Raiders rumors certainly give a more positive outlook for Derek Carr than previous stories stating he had two fractures in his back, it also doesn’t move up the timetable for his return (yet). The current injury update on Carr still has him listed as missing two to six weeks, but if he continues to progress at this rate, it is likely that he will return sooner than anticipated.

To open the 2017 NFL season, Carr threw for 492 yards and five touchdowns against the Tennessee Titans and New York Jets during the first two weeks.

The 2-0 start had Raiders fans already thinking about the postseason, but the team slipped against the Washington Redskins in Week 3 and then lost to the Denver Broncos in Week 4. Missing Carr will make every game a bit tougher, but there is still a lot of talent on the Raiders’ roster.

Raiders still a threat in AFC West?

The Oakland Raiders are now third place in the AFC West, behind the Kansas City Chiefs (4-0) and Denver Broncos (3-1).

It raises the importance of every game and the New England Patriots showed on Thursday night that they aren’t going away either. The Raiders play the Baltimore Ravens in Week 5, the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 6, and then the Chiefs in Week 7. It’s a chance to make a move in the division, but that Thursday night game (Oct.

19) against the Chiefs will be a very tough one.

EJ Manuel is going to be leading the Raiders against an underperforming Ravens team on Sunday (Oct. 8). It is a chance for the Raiders to bounce back from two-straight losses and finally get another game in the win column. While Derek Carr will remain “out” on the latest Raiders’ injury report, he will be on the sidelines trying to help out. Game time is 1:05 PM PT on CBS.