The NFL season is picking up steam as we enter week seven. Even with the national anthem protest and Ezekiel Elliot's suspension taking the headlines for most of the season, the NFL has been more entertaining as the season progresses. Many teams are still fighting for the top spot in their division, so every game matters. Many games will feature high scoring offense against one another, but what games deserve your attention in week seven?

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams

The Arizona Cardinals will be looking to bring in their veteran offense against the younger L.A Rams offense.

This NFC West rivalry found some new life as both teams have managed to turn their seasons around. The Cardinals' offense is full of veteran talent as Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald make throwing and catching the ball look easy. Their new acquisition, Adrian Peterson showed many that he still has the juice, running for over 100 yards last week against the Bucs. The Cardinals offense should be looking to have another big day against the underperforming Rams defense.

The Rams have shocked many with their 4-2 record, sitting them at the top of the NFC West. Jared Goff has played exceptionally well this season, making the right decisions and not committing too many turnovers. Todd Gurley has returned to his rookie year self, gaining over 500 yards on the ground and five touchdowns.

The Rams are looking like a legit contender in the NFL and beating this seasoned Cardinals squad will make them look even more legit.

Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots

A Super Bowl rematch is always a game worth watching. The Falcons are looking to bounce back after losing to the Dolphins against the New England Patriots.

The offense has been at the center of Atlanta's struggles as they have forgotten to run the ball. Running the ball sets up the play action pass, where Matt Ryan thrives. Ryan has played average at this point in the season, throwing six touchdowns and six interceptions. The offense of Atlanta could get it going this week as the Patriots defense has played poorly all season.

New England seems to have found some rhythm at this point in the season. Riding a two-game win streak, Tom Brady has caught fire and ready to unload on The Falcons defense. Brady has taken a beating this year but has managed to perform when it's gameday. The Patriots' defense is where the concern lies, as they have given up almost 27 points per game, third worst in the league. The Falcons' offense can catch fire in an instant so the defense of the Patriots better focus this week unless they want a repeat of the first half of last year's Super Bowl.

Other NFL games to look out for are the Packers taking on the Saints, their first game without Aaron Rodgers. The Broncos are looking to rebound after their Monday night flop against the Chargers. Lastly, the Redskins are looking to build on their win against the 49ers against the 5-1 Eagles. The NFL is getting intense, and every game is magnified as we hit the halfway point in the season.