The NFL has never seen a massive drop in ticket sales, attendance, viewership, and support as they have over the past few weeks. Week three saw a 17.9 percent drop in ticket sales which is revealing with empty seat stadiums according to the Washington Times. Why? Fans don’t pay to see overpaid millionaires making a political stand in disrespect to the flag and country.

Fans and military personnel see the protesting players as anti-Americans.

These athletes are paid; many would say overpaid, to play a game. The military fought for this freedom for all and the players refuse to pay tribute to those that fought and died for their freedom. According to Chattanooga Times Free Press CEO Allan Jones was one of the first corporate sponsors to drop the NFL.

Corporate sponsor fallout

Huge corporate sponsors like Budweiser have expressed their displeasure with the athletes as they have a hotline 800-342-5283 where you can call to vent. Calling the number it says Budweiser stands behind the military, America and against the protests. If you have seen their commercials you already know where the company stands.

There’s genuine camaraderie between the players and the fans.

This political stunt has destroyed that. After all, if it wasn’t for the fans that come to watch the players they wouldn’t be there. Commissioner Goodell is in hot water for standing with unpatriotic players. The Catholic League President wrote a letter calling for Goodell to be fired according to

ESPN Network confirmed Direct TV understands fans outrage and for the first time are allowing customers to back out of the NFL Tickets.

There’s been a huge drop in NFL ticket sales this past week alone. The Washington Examiner’s poll of fans said 64 percent demand the players stand. Last week’s poll of New York fans after the Bills-Broncos game registered 71 percent against the protesters.


Fans or ex-fans will continue to boycott NFL games, viewing and apparel until the players do their job and stop with the political demonstrations.

The loss in revenue is being felt by the team owners and more and more celebrities are coming forward expressing their disappointment with the players.

According to the Daily Caller Charlie Daniels, a season ticket holder for the Tennessee Titans said, “You take a bunch of guys who make millions of dollars and they can’t find something great about this country to celebrate while they are playing the national anthem? I just don’t understand it.

Perhaps the last straw comes from JP Morgan Chase. According to Bloomberg, they said investors should bet against CBS stock ahead of this week’s matchups citing the stock could tank.