The Chicago Bears (1-3) have decided to start rookie Mitchell Trubisky in their next game against the Minnesota Vikings next Monday night. This will be Trubisky's first start in an NFL regular season game since being drafted 2nd overall in the 2017 NFL Draft. He will be replacing the struggling Mile Glennon who has turned the ball over eight times this season and has not moved the offense as well as people hoped. While the team is not likely to end up competing for a playoff stop this season, the goal now is to have Trubisky learn with actual playing experience and for him to help boost some life into the Bears offense.

Trubisky's debut will take place at Soldier Field on Monday Night Football against one of the NFL's best defensive units, so he has his work cut out for him.

Replacing Glennon

Mike Glennon was signed to the three-year deal in the offseason by the Bears after parting ways with Jay Cutler. The ultimate goal for Glennon was for him to be a placeholder for this season and letting Trubisky sit out and learn on the sidelines. However Glennon's inconsistent play and lack of pocket awareness has hurt the team to the point where a change had to be made.

In his last game against the Green Bay Packers he turned the ball over four times which was likely the final straw for him.

The Bears offense is averaging the 29th most points in the NFL at 15.2 which is not a recipe for success, and the offense needs a spark. Much of Glennon's completions and yards gained were on check-down passes and in meaningless garbage time.

The unit's production has relied greatly on the running back duo of Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen, but in an NFL which is a passers game, there needs to be more balance.

Trubisky's skills

People got a good look at the rookie in the preseason in terms of raw ability. Trubisky was accurate throwing down field both in the pocket and rolling out.

His mobility allowed him to escape pressure and even rush for some decent yardage. He was praised for his accuracy going into the NFL draft and so far he has shown that. Overall he looked confident in his playing time in the preseason, but a regular season game on national television will be quite a step up from preseason.

There are a number of challenges he will face. First of all the Vikings defense is one of the best in the NFL, and the biggest fear that many have is that he will be eaten alive. Not only is the pressure on him, but also his line that is there to protect him when he has the ball. With guard Kyle Long back in the mix, that at least gives Trubisky some reinforcements on the line.

Also, the Bears receiver core is very depleted and his target are limited. Cohen and Howard are likely going to have to roll out more and be passing targets as well targeting TEs Zach Miller and Dion Sims a decent amount.

What to expect

It is easy for a fan to want to see Trubisky go out and light the world on fire, but that is much easier said than done. He still has a lot to learn in the NFL and his team's system, so expect some growing pains. The first game will not make or break his career based on his numbers. He may play okay, he may not play well at all, but at the end of the day it is a learning process. If he takes the rest of this year to get acquainted in the NFL and slowly develop into a good quarterback, then it is a win. This process will require patience from the fans and the team.

He may not save 2017, but he can bring a bit more life into the team and prepare for good days ahead.