The Dallas Mavericks off to a bad start for the 2017-18 NBA season. On Monday night, they were beaten by the Golden State Warriors with a final score of 133-103. The outcome of the game against the Warriors was what we expected, but at least the Mavericks put up a good fight before falling to 0-4 on the season.

It was fun to watch the Mavericks giving out their best to win against the Warriors unlike the lousy and ugly game against the Houston Rockets. Even if they did not take down the Warriors, but they prove to themselves that they can compete this season if they are fully engaged in the game.

The team averaged 39.6 percent shooting from the field, 31 percent in three-point shooting with 12 turnovers and 42 rebounds.

Observations from Dallas Mavericks

There are some things that we saw from the Mavs game against the Warriors. The rookie player, Dennis Smith Jr., displayed his potential during the game. It was nice to see him going against the Warriors’ and score a basket. He scored 10 points with six rebounds, two steals, and an assist in 28 minutes. Smith Jr. must improve his basket from the free-throw line as he only went four-of-ten from the stripe.

Also, it was observed that Wesley Matthews would do well in a game if Dennis Smith Jr. is able to stay healthy during the season. Matthews scored 19 points with two rebounds, two assists, and three steals unlike his awful records in the past two games without Smith Jr.

Play of the night by Jordan Bell

The play of the night was neither from Stephen Curry nor from Kevin Durant but from the rookie player of the Warriors, Jordan Bell. It was in the fourth quarter of the game when Jordan Bell blocked a shot attempt by Dwight Powell and sprinted down the court, where JaVale McGee was able to hit him with a tipped outlet pass.

Bell finished not just with a dunk, but with the added flourish of a pass to himself off the glass. Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry were shocked by Jordan Bell’s individual effort in the game.

The Warriors averaged 55.8 percent shooting from the field, 38.5 percent in three-point shooting with 16 turnovers and 50 rebounds. Stephen Curry led the game with 29 points, two rebounds, eight assists, and four steals.

Kevin Durant scored 25 points with eight rebounds and six assists while Klay Thompson scored 21 points, four rebounds, and three assists.

NBA fined Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala

Following the incident of Stephen Curry throwing his mouthpiece at an official during the game against the Grizzlies on Saturday, the NBA league announced that Curry would receive a fine of $50,000 according to Sam Amick of USA Today. Also, Andre Iguodala will be fined $15,000 for subsequently yelling to an official.