has reported that the Los Angeles Clippers got obliterated by the Portland Trailblazers with the score 134-106. Damian Lillard put on an offensive clinic last night with 35 points, and the Clippers did not have any answer at all. Despite a double-double effort from DeAndre Jordan, the Trailblazers was just too much for the Clippers. Austin Rivers, Danilo Gallinari, and Sam Dekker did not play in last night's game.

DeAndre Jordan records a double-double

DeAndre Jordan dominated the game in last night's game. He contributed 12 points, 14 rebounds, and one steal.

Jordan also made four of his six field goal attempts and made 50 percent of his eight free throw shots. Jordan showed his dominance in the paint last night, but Damian Lillard and the Portland Trailblazers still overwhelmed the Clippers in the offensive end.

Milos Teodosic led Clippers in points

Milos Teodosic has shown how good of a passer he is at the NBA level during the past couple of preseason games. Last night against the Portland Trailblazers, Milos showed his scoring ability by leading the Clippers in points. He contributed 15 points, two rebounds, three assists, and one block. He shot 41.7 percent from the field and made four of his seven three-point attempts. Milos Teodosic has slowly shown how good he can be at the NBA level, especially when he can get to play with Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

Damian Lillard shows offensive skills

Damian Lillard shot the lights out from the field yesterday, garnering a game-high of 35 points. Along with scoring 35, he also contributed three rebounds, three assists, and two steals. He made nine of his 17 field goal attempts and sank four of his nine three-point shots. Damian Lillard and the Portland Trailblazers will have to step up their game this upcoming NBA season.

The west has become a lot stronger, but the Portland Trailblazers have not made major improvements in their current roster.

Jusuf Nurkic grabs nine rebounds

Jusuf Nurkic was acquired by the Portland Trailblazers last season in a trade that involved Mason Plumlee. It seems like that the Portland Trailblazers had no regrets with that trade with how well Jusuf Nurkic has played.

Last night against the Clippers, he contributed 13 points, nine rebounds, one assist, two steals, and one block. He shot 66.7 percent from the field making six of his nine field goal attempts. Jusuf Nurkic will play a pivotal role for the Portland Trailblazers this upcoming season, if he can play well consistently, he may just be the help that Lillard and CJ McCollum are looking for.