The Golden State Warriors (1-2) struggled to find their win after their defeat over the Memphis Grizzlies (2-0) at the FedEx Forum Memphis, TN (111-101). The Grizzlies recorded their fourth time in franchise history to open the regular season with two consecutive wins. Aside from the fourth quarter, the Grizzlies led the first until the third quarter scoring 31-26, 25-25 and 32-20. Despite the Warriors leading the fourth quarter (30-23), The Memphis Grizzlies won the game with a 10 point advantage. The Grizzlies finished with a total of 46.8 percent from the field goal, 37.0 in three-point line and 78.4 percent free throws against the Warriors who performed with 39.3 percent from the field goal, 31.6 percent in the three-point line and 85.2 percent free throws.

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant lost their cool

For the first time in his regular season career, Curry was ejected along with Kevin Durant with only 43 seconds left in the game. Curry was fined $50,000 for throwing his mouthpiece in the direction of an official. However, NBA has announced that he will not face suspension. Additional penalties may also be incurred by Durant after it appeared that he possibly made an obscene gesture to the Memphis crowd. When the scoreboard was 107-99, Curry scored a layup with less than one minute left. He was immediately ejected when he thought he was fouled and threw his mouthpiece in the baseline. With Curry exiting out of the game, Chief Brian Forte saw Durant still arguing and ordered the latter to his locker room.

Stephen Curry scored 37 points and Durant added 29 points

Before he was ejected Curry scored 37 points with six rebounds, three assists and committed two turnovers in 30 minutes. He scored nine of 17 in the field and made only three out of eleven in the three-point line with 13 of 13 free throws. Likewise, Kevin Durant contributed 29 points with 13 rebounds, three assists, one steal, three blocks and committed a dreadful six turnovers.

He made 11of 24 in the field, four of nine in the three-point line and hit three of six free throws. During the third quarter, The Grizzlies were given a 15-0 run and a 19 point lead when the Warriors made only six out of 22 shots in the field.

Marc Gasol led his team with 34 points

Gasol registered 34 points, 14 rebounds, two assists, two blocks and one steal in 36 minutes.

He made eight of 16 in the field, two of four in the three-point line and hit 16 of 17 free throws. He was dominant in the game despite committing seven turnovers and delivered for his team to top the defending champions.