The Buffalo Bills have experienced a love-hate relationship with defensive end Marcell Dareus. The Bills’ 2011 first round draft pick has created some problems for the team throughout his reign with the franchise. His bad decisions, such as drag racing with teammate Jerry Hughes, violating the team’s drug policy, and showing up late to practices and meetings have probably contributed to the Bills’ management decision to trade Marcell Dareus to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Bills will get a 2018 sixth-round pick out of the deal, according to

Dareus does not live up to $96 million deal

The massive six-year $96 million deal that Dareus signed two years ago came at an interesting time. Dareus had been arrested for drug possession in Alabama the previous year. A month later, the defensive end got himself into trouble for car racing with teammate Jerry Hughes. Dareus was suspended for his drug violation. In 2016, the defensive end did not show that he learned his lesson from his indiscretions. He was suspended for the first four games of the season for substance abuse related issues.

Under coach Rex Ryan at the time, Dareus claimed that he was going to attend rehab during his 30- day suspension. However, he was spotted at a downtown Buffalo bar later that evening.

Some fans posted a picture on social media of the defensive end posing with two women. People started to question Dareus’ commitment to his game and his team. When he was eligible to play again in 2016, he missed four more games, due to being out of shape when he returned.

Dipping sack numbers and injuries swing the pendulum

Dareus’ play has gotten worse. In 2015, FOX Sports reported that he only had a pair of sacks. That number was eight less than his 2014 total. Last season, he registered 3.5 sacks. Fans and sports analysts have questioned the player’s work ethic and ability to stay clean. Hamstring injuries have also plagued him for the past two years.

Many people have felt that Dareus has not put forth enough effort on the field.

McDermott and Beane’s tight ship not a good fit

Former Bills’ coach Doug Marrone and Rex Ryan have butted heads with Dareus. They benched him for being late for practices and training. When Ryan was fired, Dareus cited his defensive scheme as too complicated. The athlete, who will now be under coach Marrone again in Jacksonville, called his former coach too rigid when Marrone left at the end of the 2014 season.

The pattern repeated itself this season. Dareus found himself in conflict with coach Sean Mcdermott when Buffalo played the Baltimore Ravens in a road pre-season game. When the defensive end showed up late for the game, McDermott told Dareus to go home.

He was not allowed back on the team bus. Dareus had limited snaps this year and has only registered one sack. GM Brandon Beane has not been a big supporter of Dareus.

According to Buffalo Rumblings, the Dareus trade will free Buffalo of about $6 million in cap space this year and more through 2020.