Joel Embiid and Hassan Whiteside may have played against each other recently and got into it, but it didn't stop there. Normally, the fight ends when they are done playing the game. Bleacher Report recently shared how the two decided to take their fight to Twitter and it just kept going.

Embiid rips Whiteside

The Sixers' had a 119-95 preseason victory, but Embiid isn't happy about how it came about. He went to Twitter to rip Whiteside about the aggressive play he had on the court that day. Joel blasted him saying, "Dude they had to take your a** out or you would’ve fouled out in 5 min...

And we’re talking about Preseason, not regular season..... #Softy." That wasn't the end of it, though. He went on to explain how he feels like he is only worried about stats and not his team's success. Of course, he feels like he should be a team player and isn't doing that. After that, Joel teased that he thought he was using his burner account, but it would take a lot to convince people of that one.

Whiteside decides to respond

Whiteside couldn't just let this go, though. He had to go to Twitter to respond to Embiid about what he had to say. He replied to him saying, "31 games in 3yrs Hopefully I get to see you regular season." Whiteside did a good job of keeping it to just that jab and didn't keep going on and on.

After that, Embiid had to get one more shot in and make sure that Whiteside remembered that they won. He posted about being excited that they ended preseason with a big win. He also made sure to thank Kansas for the love that they gave them. The preseason is now over and he wants everyone to know it is getting serious now as they move into the actual season.

Now that it is getting into the real season, things are about to get real. It doesn't look like Whiteside and Embiid are planning to let this issue go easily either. The next time these two will play against each other isn't until February 2, but they probably won't forget about it all by then.

It should be a heated season between them.

Sixers and Heat will play four games against each other during the 2017-18 regular season. The fans are going to enjoy seeing them against each other and seeing who can take home the win. As long as they can keep it clean on the court and take their arguments to social media then everything should be fine.

Are you surprised that Joel Embiid and Hassan Whiteside kept fighting on Twitter? Do you think this is just the start between them? Sound off in the comments below.