The Cavs won their opener against the Celtics but didn’t play particularly well. After the horrific injury to Gordon Hayward and a double-digit halftime lead, it took a superhuman performance by LeBron James (on an injured ankle) to pull out the victory. But James' supporting cast played better tonight against the Bucks, and the Cavs took a step in the right direction. Cleveland still hasn't knocked down three-point shots anywhere close to the rate that they did last season, but it's all about finding ways to win.

Game MVP

If you come for the King, you best not miss.

Giannis Antetokounmpo was sensational tonight (34 points/eight rebounds/eight assists), but James showed him who's still on top of the Eastern Conference on this fast break.

Even with LeBron James' often insane stat lines, the numbers don't truly reflect his impact on a game. HIs 24 points, five rebounds, and eight assists made for an incredible performance, but the Cavs are at their best when he orchestrates the offense with his passing. During the Cavs' third quarter run, he directed traffic at the top of the key, setting teammates up for open three-pointers and layups. Coach Tyronn Lue needs to continue to put more shooters on the floor with James.

The other starters

After a subpar performance against Boston, Kevin Love was much more aggressive tonight (17 points/12 rebounds), bullying his way around the basket.

The experiment of starting him at center remains suspect. He’s not a rim protector and hasn’t found his three-point shot that was so effective last year, but he got to the line early and was a beast on the boards. Derrick Rose (10 points) looked athletic going to the basket but seemed uncertain at times in terms of when to move the ball or drive.

Dwyane Wade (four points) had a quiet night. The Cavs would probably be better served with him coming off the bench and leading the second unit, but that’ll be determined all in good time. Jae Crowder matched up with Giannis Antetokounmpo, relieving James of the task of facing him all night. Crowder is obviously not the best player James has ever played with, but he fits in perfectly with the Cavs, doing all the dirty work.

The bench

The bench came alive tonight, scoring 45 points. Kyle Korver (17 points) helped break the game open in the third quarter, hitting three three-pointers in a row during an important stretch. Jeff Green also scored in double-digits (10 points), and former starters JR Smith and Tristan Thompson contributed with eight and seven points, respectively.

Final thoughts

Giannis Antetokounmpo is by any measure on the cusp of NBA superstardom. He has the game and the numbers; he just needs to prove it in the postseason. At 22-years old, the Greek Freak’s time will come, but the Cavs are by far the team to beat in the Eastern Conference -- and they proved it tonight by quieting a hyped Bucks crowd in Milwaukee.