Chicago Cubs fans were apparently not ready for the come from behind victory against the Washington Nationals on Monday evening to speak for itself. Instead, after their team rallied to a 2-1 victory that also gave the Cubbies a 2-1 lead in the best of five NLDS some enterprising fans decided to make a statement on Wikipedia.

The Chicago Cubs managed to win thanks in large part to first baseman Anthony Rizzo's bloop single RBI. After the game, there were a few questions to Nats manager Dusty Baker about why his team decided to pitch to Rizzo, considering first base was open.

Despite Baker's claims that it was the right call and the slugger didn't really hurt them because it was a lucky hit that dropped between three defenders, Cubs fans have decided Rizzo "owns" the Nats.

They made it official by listing the first baseman as the owner, general manager and president on Wikipedia. Despite the fact that the changes were made relatively early in the day on Tuesday, Rizzo is still the owner of record as of the publishing of this article.

Dusty Baker letting the Chicago Cubs get into his head

Perhaps it's because Baker was the last manager to get the Cubs to the NLCS, or perhaps it was because he was unceremoniously fired just a few seasons later, but the longtime skipper has always had a bit of a grudge against the team.

It appears to some degree, that grudge has led Baker to make some poor decisions. Pitching to Anthony Rizzo was one of those bad decisions.

Deciding not to start Stephen Strasburg in game four of the NLDS, despite the fact that he will get an extra day of rest thanks to Tuesday afternoon's rainout. Instead, Baker will go with lesser pitcher Tanner Roark.

When the manager was asked why Roark was still getting the start, Baker explained that Strasburg was feeling a bit under the weather.

The weather in Chicago

It turns out Stephen Strasburg isn't the only National that isn't feeling well, according to Baker. The Nats skipper claims that the mold and weather in Chicago this time of year has led to many members of his team to feeling poorly the last couple of days.

There are certainly some Chicago Cubs fans who feel this sounds more like an excuse for his team's loss, and potential loss on Wednesday than any real excuse. Most players will tell you that when their season is on the line, they're going to fight through some sniffles. We'll just have to wait until Wednesday to see if Anthony Rizzo can continue to "own" the Washington Nationals.