Dwyane Wade, a key addition to the Cleveland Cavaliers this coming 2017-18 NBA season will be the team’s starting shooting guard. This means that J.R. Smith will be coming off the bench, just when it appeared the swingman would be part of the team’s starting unit.

Aside from being the starting shooting guard, Wade will also be manning the point guard slot. Derrick Rose will still start at point guard but Tyronn Lue will spell the 29-year-old early according to a report from Cleveland.com. Apparently, the one-time MVP will spearhead the second unit – one that will most likely include Smith.

Can Wade hold up?

It comes to no surprise that Wade would get the starting nod. The all-star guard is experience and reliable, a veteran of multiple NBA wars. His chemistry with LeBron James could be another factor though most question his durability.

At 35, Wade has had his share of injuries. These have kept him out of action in the past. Just last season, he suffered a fractured elbow but managed to return in time for the playoffs. Prior to that, Wade has had problems with his hamstring and his knees.

For now, it seems Wade is fit and ready to take on the new challenge. He joins a team oozing with talent, given a role that could very well be his last hurrah. He signed a one-year deal valued at $2.3 million after agreeing to a buyout with the Chicago Bulls.

His future is murky though a lot may depend on his performance for the coming season.

Lue confident with D-Wade

Coach Lue may have seen something he liked that led to Wade earning the nod of starting shooting guard. Despite the short-time, it seems the all-star veteran has blended in well with the Cavs’ system.

Assuming he manages himself properly, the Cavs could be up for another trip to the NBA finals.

However, that depends on how they fare against their Eastern Conference rivals. Teams like the Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, and Washington Wizards are formidable opponents, all boasting of multiple talents as well.

The Cavs get to show what they are made of on Oct. 17 when they face the souped-up Celtics based on their regular season schedule via ESPN.

Boston is one of the more feared teams with stars like Al Horford, Gordon Hayward, and former Cavs star Kyrie Irving. Three days later, they face the Milwaukee Bucks who are on the upswing. They face the Wizards on Nov. 3 and get to test the Raptors only on Jan. 11, 2018.

As for their Western Conference competition, they face another souped-up squad in the Houston Rockets on Nov. 9. Their much-awaited showdown with the reigning NBA champion Golden State Warriors won’t happen until Christmas (Dec. 25), giving Lue and company enough time to establish chemistry.

With a tough grind ahead, Wade needs to make sure he stays healthy. Together with James, Rose and Kevin Love, a perfectly humming performance could yet net “The Flash” another NBA ring.