Top Rank promoter Bob Arum continues to ponder on what Manny Pacquiao plans to do next. He is aware that the eight-time division champion is busy with his political career, meaning a rematch with Jeff Horn could be in peril.

The original plan was to hold a rematch this November. The only problem is that Arum wanted to hold the fight in Brisbane. Pacquiao was against it, wanting it to be held in the Philippines. With that conflict, a rematch has been temporarily shelved. Instead, Horn will reportedly be facing Gary Corcoran on Nov. 11, reported.

Have we seen the last of the Pac-Man?

Being the fighter that he is, Pacquiao will most likely want a rematch to avenge his controversial loss to Horn. Unfortunately, his political ambitions stand in the way. Arum is aware that the Filipino Senator has plans of running for the country’s presidency in 2019.

With a couple of years to go, Pacquiao will have more than enough time for a rematch. It could be the last fight of his colorful boxing career – win or lose. But what if Pacquiao decides to quit boxing altogether? Where does this leave Top Rank and Bob Arum?

Speaking to Steve Kim of Undisputed Boxing Network, Arum bares that he will support whatever decision Pacquiao plans. That includes the possibility of retiring.

Arum singled out the case of Andre Ward. The 33-year-old is still considered by many in his prime but unceremoniously called it quits last September 2017. Ward claims that his body can no longer take the rigors of the sport and that his desire to box was no longer there. He ended his career undefeated with 32 wins where 16 came from knockouts.

Age may be a number but factors in heavily. At 33, Ward can easily regain his bearings and fight again. A lot of boxers have done that in the past, including Floyd Mayweather Jr. who retired twice.

Pacquiao will be turning 39 this December, way past his prime. His commitment to helping the Filipino people through politics is another factor.

Hence, if that loss to Horn was his last, Pacquiao faces a daunting task of avenging that loss – possibly in his 40s.

Arum just wants an official answer

The possibility of retirement is fine with Arum, and all the Top Rank promoter is perhaps looking for is an official answer. Pacquiao remains mum on his plans though staging the fight in the Philippines could rekindle talks of a Pac-Horn 2.

Revenue from the fight is seen as one factor, a reason why Arum wants to stage the fight in Australia instead. Pac-Man wants it on Philippine soil, the proper place in case it would be the last of his career.