Cleveland Cavaliers have made a lot of moves in the last few days, whether it was adding players to the roster or getting rid of them. The Cavaliers are giving their best to put together a great and a championship-caliber roster for the upcoming season. They have one goal, and that is beating every other team in the league and winning another championship, second in the franchise history.

New NBA rules allow teams to have 17 players on their roster, which is an increase from a 15-man roster. However, it is important to note that the teams can have only 15 players with regular contracts on the roster, while two players can be signed to a two-way contract.

Players signed to two-way contracts will mostly play in the G League, but they can also spend up to 45 days with their NBA teams.

Despite the new rules, the Cavaliers had too many players on their roster, and they had to waive a few of them before the Regular Season. Unfortunately, it was Kendrick Perkins and Isaac Hamilton who didn't make the cut.

Perkins and Hamilton are out

Kendrick Perkins was signed by the Cavaliers a few weeks ago and he appeared in three preseason games. The big man averaged 4.0 points and 3.7 rebounds in the preseason, but he simply wasn't good enough to make the regular-season roster. Perkins came to a training camp in a terrific shape as he was looking for another job in the NBA.

Despite being cut by Cleveland, he still hopes to play in the league.

Isaac Hamilton is a 6-foot-4 guard who didn't get a chance to show how good he is.

Hamilton was signed by the Cavaliers shortly after they waived Edy Tavarez. Unfortunately, he did not appear in the preseason and was cut just three days after joining the team.

While Hamilton will be trying to find another NBA team to play for, there is a good chance that Kendrick Perkins stays with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The reigning Eastern Conference champions offered him a chance to start coaching career, and the big man may accept it.

Cleveland is ready

Cleveland Cavaliers now have a 15-man roster and they are ready for the regular season. Beside Perkins and Hamilton, the Cavaliers got rid of Richard Jefferson and Kay Felder as they were traded to the Atlanta Hawks. This move cleared two roster spots for the Cavaliers, but it also lowered their luxury tax for the next season.

Cleveland will open the regular season at home on October 17 against the Boston Celtics and Kyrie Irving.