If you turned on the Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers game at the bottom of the ninth inning, you switched on the television with the best yet to come. Tied at 3-3, the Astros had managed to even the score that sent the game into a rollercoaster overtime match-up. Here is how the extra innings played out.

Houston knocks two balls out of Dodgers Stadium

At the top of the tenth inning, Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve got the best of Dodgers’ pitcher Josh Fields. Correa and Altuve smashed some balls over the wall of left center field. It looked like Houston had the game locked up with a 5-3 lead.

However, Los Angeles had other plans.

Astros’ pitcher Ken Giles had a rough time keeping men off the bases. The bottom of the tenth resulted in the Dodgers’ Logan Forsythe and Enrique Hernandez getting on base. Forsythe’s speed helped him slide into home base without getting tagged. At this point, the score is even again at 5-5.

11th inning breaks it open

Brandon McCarthy is the Dodgers’ pitcher for the top of the eleventh inning. Cameron Maybin starts it off for the Astros. He hits a single that rolls into center field. Maybin managed to get to second on a stolen base. Getting him home would give Houston a one run lead. George Springer would do one better. He stunned McCarthy by hitting a homer to right center field.

This gave the Astros a 7-5 lead, as they headed into the bottom of the inning.

Chris Devenski pitched for Houston. He was able to get two outs. The third out looked like it was slipping away when Charlie Cuberson hit a home run. Could the Dodgers tie up the game or possible rally to win it? The last batter of the game held on until the end.

With Devenski putting up a 3-2 count, Los Angeles fans bit their nails as they hoped Yasiel Puig could get one past Devenski.

It was not meant to be last night. Devenski struck out Puig. Dodgers' fans were stunned by the surprising loss. The game was one of the most exciting World Series match-ups to hit the airwaves. Both teams put up eight home runs, as stated by ESPN.

The Dodgers had to go through most of their relief pitchers to give them a chance to win the game.

The series is now tied at 1-1. The Dodgers and Astros meet again for Game 3 this Friday at Minute Maid Park in Houston. With the momentum now on the Astros’ side, the Dodgers are going to have a tough time pulling out a victory. The Astros are hungry for their first World Series win. The Dodgers have won it six times.