LeBron James is once again positioned to hit the free agency market in 2018, and the Los Angeles Lakers are viewed as the predominant favorite to land the four-time NBA MVP if he decides to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the second time.

There are multiple reasons why LeBron James will take his talent to Los Angeles. The opportunity of leading the Lakers’ promising young core (Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Larry Nance Jr., and Kyle Kuzma) to title contention is sure enticing. However, that’s not the only motivation behind King James’ plan to take over the West Coast.

Many insiders believe James’ potential move to L.A has something to do with his goal of expanding his brand, and there’s no better market to grow his business than Los Angeles.

Insider’s report

Howard Beck of Bleacher Report provided the latest insights on James to Lakers buzz in a roundtable forum with other NBA scribes on Sports Illustrated.

According to the veteran NBA insider, the rumor about James going to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018 has legs to stand. Beck said he talked to several team executives in the past few months, and a majority of them strongly believe that LeBron will bolt out for Los Angeles next summer.

"I’ve had team executives swear – as long ago as May – that LeBron’s departure was a near certainty.

The general belief around the league is that, if he does leave, he’ll land with the Lakers. How much of that is belief/speculation vs. inside knowledge is hard to say,” Beck stressed.

James’ journey to greatness

With four NBA regular-season MVPs, three NBA titles, and three finals MVPs in the bag, LeBron’s place in NBA’s Mt.

Rushmore of greatness is already secured. However, despite suffering a significant setback at the hands of the Golden State Warriors in last year’s NBA finals, James hasn’t given up on his goal of becoming the greatest player of all time.

While winning championships in Miami and Cleveland is something to behold, James could take his legacy to greater heights if he can lead one of the NBA’s glamour franchises back to the promised land.

The Lakers haven’t won a championship since 2010 and they already missed the postseason for four years in a row. Michael Jordan will always be remembered for spearheading the Chicago Bulls to three straight championships on two separate occasions in the ‘90s. As for LeBron, he could do something equally special by leading three NBA franchises to championships.