The Cleveland Cavaliers are 2-1 and fresh off a blow-out in Orlando 114-93 Saturday night. It was reported this morning that Dwayne Wade approached head coach Ty Lue and has asked to come off the bench. This comes after Wade was 2-8 from the field and only scoring 5 points Saturday night. So this means that Jr Smith will be put back into the starting line-up.

Why did he ask for this?

So coming off the bench does not mean that he is unhappy with his decision to leave Chicago and go to Cleveland this year. Ray Allen came off the bench when he was a member of the Miami Heat and they won a championship because of it.

Outside of the opener against the Celtics he has struggled to find his shot and hasn't scored more than 5 points per game. People thought that since he played with LeBron for four years that things would just click from day one and they would look like they did 3 years ago but things don't work that fast. Sometimes you have to look at the roster and determine that coming off the bench might be better for the team so that he or LeBron is always on the court.

He was quoted after the Magic game saying, "I'm trying to find it man. It's very different, different than I've ever played. Just trying to find my way, as we gone on, see how I can be the best for this team. Everything's happened so fast.

This has been a long, long week." LeBron also commented about Wade after the Magic game saying, "We got to get him going at some point. That's something we're going to look at and we're all trying to figure it out as well but we got to get him going and hopefully we can do that on Tuesday."

What happens from here?

The Cavs play the Bulls tomorrow night and this will be the first time that Wade will go back there after playing there last year.

He will come off the bench and they will be fine. It's still October and this will only be the fourth game of the season. If January rolls around and he is still struggling to find his role on this team then it's time to panic a bit. Wade,more than likely, won't play all 82 games this season anyway. When he was in Miami he would need to take a few games off to have his knee drained and he's not as young as he used to be.

He can be dangerous in the playoffs and as long as this is all figured out by then it should be all good. The Cavs didn't have the number 1 seed going into the playoff last season and got to the finals anyway, so having the best record isn't needed in the Eastern Conference.

JR Smith is a better 3-point shooter than Wade is so having a strong shooter in the starting 5 might lead to better starts for the Cavs as well. And there's no way that Wade didn't talk to Lebron before making this decision. So if LeBron is good with it and thinks it will work, then chances are it will be fine and work.