What an offseason! The entire Western division experienced a massive shake-up, with the aim of slowing down the Golden State Warriors. Not many changes were made in the Eastern Conference, but the few that were will definitely be felt throughout the league. This season will be way different than any of the recent seasons. With all of that being said, some things may not work out the way teams, coaches, and fans hoped they would. Here are seven, very bold, predictions for the 2017-18 season.

The Brooklyn Nets make the playoffs

In possibly one of the boldest predictions to find on this list, the Nets will make the playoffs.

The team has made the playoffs just three times in the last ten seasons. They are not exactly favorites to win it all, let alone even 25 games. The Nets made just the right moves, adding the pieces they need to form a playoff caliber team. Led by D'Angelo Russell, Allen Crabbe, and DeMarre Carroll, the team will shock everyone.

The Philadelphia 76ers win their division

Talk about Cinderella stories. The 76ers are healthy and finally pose the threat the Philadelphia has been waiting for so long. The Atlantic Division has never been an easy one to overcome, but the incredibly talented youth on this team will shock everyone. Joel Embiid showed the world last season that he is a force to reckon with.

Ben Simmons was one of the most highly touted rookies coming into the NBA until he was sidelined with an injury. So, after winning the Rookie of the Year award, Simmons will help lead this team over the Boston Celtics for the best record in the Atlantic.

Ben Simmons wins Rookie of the Year

This prediction may not be too bold, but with Lonzo Ball becoming the early favorite to win, I had to put this prediction in here.

Even before he played a single game in the NBA, he was already considered to become one of the all-time best passers in the game. He has been working out this offseason and looks like he is feeling 110%. Lonzo Ball is entering a Lakers team with not much surrounding help. Ben Simmons will win Rookie of the Year while leading his team to the playoffs.

Kyrie Irving trade wins for stats

Kyrie Irving practically traded himself to Boston in hopes of a total reset. Boston looks to be pretty solid, but they will likely not be as good as the Cavaliers. Kyrie will pad his stats completely, but at the cost of losing games. Boston will see a steep decline from last season as they traded away some key pieces to acquire the guard. The thing about Kyrie is that whether he is on a championship team or on a losing team, he will never be a passing point guard. He is a shoot first, ask questions later kind of guy. His average points-per-game will increase from last year, but he is trading that for a potential lead in the Atlantic Division.

Paul George wins MVP

The 2016-17 MVP was no other than Thunder point guard, Russell Westbrook. This year it will go to his newly acquired teammate, Paul George. In the past five seasons, the MVP award has gone to a Thunder player twice. This season will be number three, as Paul George will find great strengths with his new team. George has never finished in the top 5 for MVP voting, but he will finish at number one this year. The team has enough weapons to win games against anyone and George's dominance will be quite prevalent.

The Golden State Warriors miss the Finals

There were plenty of moves made in the West to give the Warriors a run for their money. Superteams are as evident now as they have ever been, and the Warriors will have to push through most of them in the playoff run.

The Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets now have the firepower to pose a legitimate threat to Finals contenders. This is not the same conference that the Warriors plowed through the past three seasons, for the first time in quite a while, the Warriors will have some tough competition.

Obviously, I'm not saying the Warriors will miss the playoffs altogether. The team is too talented for that. However, with maybe an injury to a player or a lackluster season from one, it is a possibility. No, instead the Warriors will make it to the playoffs and get slowed down by the scrappy Western teams and will ultimately fail to reach the NBA Finals for the first since 2014.

Oklahoma City Thunder become NBA Champions

This is it. Just what MVP Westbrook was waiting for. He finally has a full team of superstars ready to dethrone the Golden State Warriors. His former teammate and best friend, Kevin Durant, joined the Warriors to chase a ring and he will be on the team again this year. After finding the balance with the new Thunder Westbrook has to operate, they will force their way past the Warriors and into the Finals. The Warriors have enough competition on their hands with the Spurs, Rockets, and entire Western Conference after them.

The Cavaliers will face their share of competition with the Celtics and other competitors that will wear them down. After making it to the Finals, it will be an epic battle between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Westbrook will make Durant regret that he ever left. The Larry O'Brien trophy is headed to Oklahoma.

Of course, all of these predictions are a little far-fetched, but that is what makes them bold.