Randy Orton has been in the WWE for 15 years now. He broke into professional wrestling the same year as John Cena, Batista and Brock Lesnar and is the only full-time star left out of that group of wrestlers. Over those 15 years, Orton has been a heel longer than he was ever a face and while fans have grown to love him, thanks to his tenure, he told Edge and Christian on their podcast that he hates being the good guy.

Randy Orton wants to be a heel

Last year, Randy Orton started to team up with Bray Wyatt and caused the destruction of The Wyatt Family before turning on Wyatt and beating him for the WWE world heavyweight championship.

Orton has been a face for a very long time now, compared to other points in his career, and while fans cheer him, it is clear he is not comfortable as a face.

Orton said as much to Edge and Christian on their podcast. According to Christian, it is easy for heels to get over without being in great shape because they get what he called "bad physique heat" while Wrestling. Randy said that he loves the idea because, at the age of 37, it is harder for him to stay in peak condition physically.

Randy Orton then proclaimed that he wants to turn heel again sooner, rather than later because he is "sick of this babyface thing." For long-time WWE fans of The Viper, most will agree.

What does Orton respect about Kevin Owens?

Interestingly, Randy Orton took the time to compliment Kevin Owens - although it was a slightly backhanded way. While talking about how hard it is for him to stay in shape at his age and at this point in his career, Orton pointed at Kevin as someone who makes him jealous in the WWE.

Orton said that Kevin Owens came into the WWE as the fat guy and he will finish his career as the fat guy. He said that Owens has made it work by being the fat guy who can fight and that he considers that great. Randy said "bless his heart" and expressed how jealous he was at that fact.

According to Randy Orton, his biggest problem is that past injuries (such as his well-documented neck problems) make it harder for him to stay in good shape.

Randy also admitted that he has a "sweet tooth" and loves to eat things that might not be the best for maintaining his physique in the WWE.

Randy Orton is currently wrestling on "SmackDown Live." He is working a feud with Rusev, where he pinned the big Bulgarian in seconds at "SummerSlam" before Rusev repaid the favor (thanks to interference) on "SmackDown Live." Orton spent most of the year trying to win the WWE world title from Jinder Mahal unsuccessfully.