The WWE has gotten tired of indie sensation tag team The Young Bucks. The tag team has paid homage to the nWo for years now while wrestling in Ring of Honor and New Japan (as well as many indies in between). They like to say "Too Sweet" (an old Scott Hall quote) and hold up the "Too Sweet" hand gesture that the nWo made famous. Now, it seems the WWE wants to stop all the fun.

The Young Bucks final straw

The final straw for the WWE came during "Monday Night Raw" this week. The Young Bucks showed up at "Raw" and stood outside with friends Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, Marty Scrull and Hangman Adam Page.

They stood outside and filmed themselves "invading Raw" while trying to free their friends - Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and Finn Balor (they were all members of The Bullet Club in New Japan).

It was hilarious but there was one man who was not amused. That was Vince McMahon, who reportedly was furious when he saw what the Young Bucks did. Of course, McMahon being furious is hypocritical because it was less than 20 years ago that he sent Triple H, Sean Waltman and The New Age Outlaws to "invade WCW" during an episode of "WCW Monday Nitro." It was the exact same thing.

Then, the WWE went one step further. They sent a cease and desist order to the Young Bucks, ordering them to stop using the "Too Sweet" hand gesture and all their other acts of homage to the nWo.

Young Bucks respond to the WWE

The Young Bucks let fans know about the cease and desist order and even posted the letter on Twitter for their fans to see. Of course, the Bucks are a team that has no qualms when it comes to throwing something back in the face of anyone who tries to hold them down.

Nick and Matt Jackson never signed with the WWE because they didn't need the money.

They have become rich thanks to marketing themselves and have created t-shirts and memorabilia that they sell themselves online. They even pulled off the impressive achievement of getting their shirts into Hot Topic.

Now, the Young Bucks have another shirt on sale. It is a Cease and Desist shirt with those words above Nick and Matt Jackson, who are holding out a censored "Too Sweet" hand gesture with the words "Too Sw#%t!" at the bottom of the shirt.

Matt Jackson told his fans that the tee-shirt only took less than an hour to become the top-selling shirt on Pro Wrestling Tees' shopping website. Basically, the WWE tried to stop the Young Bucks from using the "Too Sweet" tagline and the boys made, even more, money off it.