It’s Week 4, and many fantasy owners are quickly starting to realize if their team is truly capable of making a championship run or not. A huge part of that is in fantasy defenses, which can provide either a massive benefit or detriment in each week. Don’t make the mistake of playing a defense just because they are good, and instead focus on making sure the matchups work in your favor.

1. Cardinals D/ST

The 49ers might have scored 39 points against a tough Rams defense last week, but I’m betting they won’t come anywhere close to that performance again in week 4.

The Cardinals defense is too good at home and will put up some good fantasy numbers this week.

2. Buccaneers D/ST

The Giants can’t seem to figure out how to play offense, and that makes defenses playing them, especially at home, really good plays. If you have Tampa’s defense, they should be in your starting lineup this week.

3. Falcons D/ST

Last time the Bills played on the road, they scored a whopping 3 points against the Carolina Panthers. This offense isn’t exactly lighting it up right now, and the Falcons are one of the hottest teams in the NFL. When Tyrod is forced to throw, the Falcons defense will take full advantage.

4. Seahawks D/ST

Seattle has been carried by their defense for the past three weeks of the season.

Russell Wilson might not even need to score points against a Colts team without Andrew Luck. Seattle is once again an elite defense in week 4.

5. Packers D/ST

The Bears are really bad at football. That’s what we’ve learned over the past few weeks of the NFL season, and it still holds true. Their leading wide receiver is a running back, and the offense struggles to score every week.

The Packers are a great defense to stream in week

6. Cowboys D/ST

The Rams offense did look pretty good in week 3 against the 49ers, but I’m betting that’s more of a fluke rather than a reality. That makes Dallas’ defense a solid play for the fourth week of the season.

7. Jaguars D/ST

In what might be the worst game in the NFL this season, the New York Jets take on the Jacksonville Jaguars at home.

The Jets are a great team to stream fantasy defenses against, and even though the Jaguars are on the road, I don’t expect this to be any different.

8. Cleveland D/ST

The Bengals didn’t score a touchdown in the first two weeks of the year. That’s awful, especially considering how many weapons Cincinnati has on offense. The Browns are still the Browns, but their defense should be able to figure out how to post some respectable fantasy numbers against the Bengals.

9. Broncos D/ST

Even against Oakland, you really can’t bench a Broncos defense that is playing at home. The team’s defense is simply too good to bench, even against an elite Oakland team at home.

10. Ravens D/ST

The Ravens proved that an elite defense can translate into wins in the NFL in the first two weeks, but not against the Jaguars. Still, the Ravens now get to return home and should have an easier time against the Steelers, who haven't been great on offense this year.