The Oakland Raiders and the Denver Broncos are looking to bounce back on Sunday in a game that will be hard fought. Both teams are coming off a loss and have the same record of 2-1, tied for second place in the Afc West right behind the Kansas City Chiefs.

As far as the betting world goes, the spread is three points in favor of the Broncos. Denver has been chosen as favorites since their ground defense has been on fire, and the Raiders have shown major offensive weakness last weekend against the Washington Redskins. Plus, the Broncos are playing at home, so the home-field advantage has been taken into account.

The Denver Broncos

The Broncos have been pretty dominating defensively on the ground and have a nice convincing record, 2-1. Their only loss is against the Buffalo Bills, last weekend, which ended with a score of 26-16. The Broncos had the lead but could not hold it. They ended up losing in the fourth quarter to a couple of offensive mistakes.

Their other two games were victorious and won convincingly against the Los Angeles Chargers and the Dallas Cowboys. With the Chargers, the Broncos led 24-7 before allowing them to catch up at the end. That game ended 24-21 after the Chargers made some adjustments but were too late to make the total difference.

Still, the Broncos were tough on the ground defensively.

The running game for all three teams were shut down. LeSean McCoy (21 yards), Melvin Gordon (54 yards), and Ezekiel Elliott (8 yards) did not establish anything as strong running backs. No touchdowns have also been scored on the ground against Denver, making them the No. 1 running defense.

The Oakland Raiders

The Raiders started their season with two wins over the Tennessee Titans and the New York Jets, but lost to the Redskins in week three.

The loss in DC took a lot from the Raiders as it diminished their status as possibly the best in the league.

The Redskins’ victory was quite convincing to the point that made the Raiders look like a team that is not as strong as thought to be. Still, the Raiders’ firepower has been somewhat dormant despite having a 2-1 record.

Their main receiver Amari Cooper has not been 100 percent and neither has running back Marshawn Lynch.

The numbers

As far as the over and under, currently at 47 points for this Sunday, it has gone under in the last four games for the Broncos and Raiders. The Broncos are also believed to take the game with a score of 30-11, more or less respectively, despite having a spread of three points.

The Broncos are also 6-2 against the spread in the last eight home games, while the Silver and Black are 10-2 against the spread on the road. The respective odds put the AFC West rivals at close measures. Still, the home advantage is a huge factor, and the Raiders will have it tough. However, Oakland has expressed confidence and claims that it will bounce back for a win.