Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is keen on adding more success to his name as his goal is to be remembered as a "winner and champion."

Curry, 29, led Golden State to its first NBA championships during the 2014/15 campaign. The Davidson product also played a key part in The Warriors' winning run this past season. The Warriors didn't win the title in 2016 but broke the record the same year when they won a record of 73 regular season games.

"I’ve had ideas about it for sure. I want to be known as a winner. I want to be known as a champion," Curry told Complex when asked whether he has started to think about the legacy he wants to leave the game once he calls it a career.

Curry, the two-time NBA champion, won the NBA MVP award in 2015 and 2016, as well as was selected for the All-Star games in the last four years. The guard also led the league in scoring and steals in 2016, hit the popular 50-40-90 club the same year, and won the three point contest in 2015.

Curry added that he has obviously "accomplished a little bit," before adding that he wants to "accomplish a lot more." The superstar also acknowledged he wants to "play the right way," and "get the most out of my talent."

Curry takes nothing for granted

Though Curry's big goal is obviously to win more NBA championships, he admits that's a lot easier said than done. Golden State was just a win away from sealing the 2016 title but disappointingly fell to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers after being 3-1 up in the finals.

The Warriors, who added Kevin Durant to their team after the loss, managed to put the bad memory behind them as they are now once again the defending champions.

Curry confessed to having few games he can play on the DVD player so he could be "reminded of not taking championships for granted."

"I understand how hard it is to not only win one regular season game, let alone a playoff series, and let alone a championship," Curry added.

Curry remains grateful and humble

Curry claims he is simply going step by step with each season as he doesn't have the exact number of how many championships and points he wants to achieve before he calls it a career. The Warriors superstar had a rough couple of years when he first arrived in the NBA, having suffered multiple knee injuries.

The guard, who was threatened to have his career finished or at least damaged, is grateful to be in this position.

"No. I live in the moment. I know none of this is guaranteed," Golden State's Curry said when asked does he have a number in terms of the championships, points and similar to that.

The guard also insisted you have to "appreciate every day in this business" as "injuries can happen."