Randy Moss never fails to draw attention to himself and his platform. On the first full day of the NFL season, he managed to do it again. While making his regular appearance on ESPN, the legendary wide receiver made all sorts of comments that could be construed as being problematic. Some were relatively asinine in the grand scheme of things, such as his thoughts on the Cleveland Browns and Cam Newton. But his comments about protesters in the nation have a much greater relevance on a national level.

Moss tackles protesters

By far, the most controversial topic Moss chose to discuss was the various protests taking place across the United States recently.

It was a topic he could've easily recused himself from, but he decided to go for it. In the past, ESPN has faced accusations of having a liberal bias when it comes to discussing political issues. Moss took it very much in the opposite direction, using rhetoric similar to Donald Trump to describe the protesters.

Referring to protesters as "losers" doesn't seem like a winning strategy, even if Moss doesn't agree with their actions. Considering just how many of the protests relate to the hot button issue of race, his comments come off as particularly unfavorable and unwise.

Frankly, ESPN didn't have to delve into this topic this weekend, even if its importance trumps that of sports. It also obscured some of the other interesting points Moss had to make on Sunday morning.

UPDATE: Moss clarified his point later in the day.

Moss has plenty more to say

In another heavy conversation, Moss threw support behind Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, who continues to deal with domestic violence charges.

The ESPN commentator mentioned that he understands where Elliott is at, having himself dealt with a problematic start to his NFL career. Moss was once accused of dating violence towards the end of his career, but never faced criminal charges for it.

There was some actual Football conversation on ESPN as well. Whether or not it was intelligent is another question.

First, Moss claimed that the Cleveland Browns should be considered a sleeper team after a pleasant preseason. They went out and struggled - though kept it close - in a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Additionally, he claimed Cam Newton was the worst quarterback in the NFC South; sure, Matt Ryan is the reigning MVP and Drew Brees is a legend, but there's no way Newton is worse than Jameis Winston, at least for this upcoming season.