English Premier League fans were left in shock after the news came out, that the Premier League's Transfer Window will end before the season starts. Transfer window for the English top clubs will last for only 12 weeks and will end 25 days after the World Cup final in Moscow. This will give clubs outside the Premier league three more weeks to make deals.

Swansea, Watford, Crystal Palace, Manchester City and Manchester United voted against the proposal

It remains unclear why would the Premier League clubs make this kind of decision, taking into the consideration that the biggest deals are made on the transfer window deadline.

Even tough English clubs usually spend the most money on players' transfers, with this decision they have much less time to make a deal which can make them spend even more money to get the deal done. Only clubs that voted against this proposal are Swansea, Watford, Crystal Palace and the two Manchester clubs.

A problem for teams like Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton is that their best players usually want to leave the club when Europe's best like Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern call. This leaves the team only two options: either sell the player or refuse to sell him and have an unhappy player who doesn't want to play in your team. It is unclear how shortening the transfer window will change this.

Players will remain unhappy and want to leave, and this will give teams even less time to find a proper replacement.

Other leagues won't do the same

Even though the UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has stated that he would like to see all the European leagues shorten their transfer window, there are no signs that they will do it.

The idea behind this isn't all that bad. With shorter transfer window teams won't be in danger of losing their players after the season has started. There are a couple of supporters of this decision, but without the agreement from all European leagues it doesn't make sense Everton's coach Ronald Koeman has already said that without reciprocation from other leagues this decision seems "silly."

"If we do it in the Premier League and the rest of Europe don't do this, still we have a problem," the Everton manager said.

Juventus CEO Beppe Marrota is a supporter of Premier League's decision. "The Premier League's decision to end the transfer window early is wise. Now we have to extend the discussion to a European level," said Marotta. "It's the right choice. Having such a long transfer window creates turmoil, a well-run club succeeds by planning out a transfer campaign. The transfer market has to be limited, and you can't have players moving when the leagues have already started.'' For the sake of English clubs, we can only hope that other European leagues will soon make the same decision.