Former American tennis player Pete Sampras is very high on Andy Murray and' Novak Djokovic's future Grand Slam chances.

Scot Murray and Serbia's Djokovic haven't played since Wimbledon. Murray is still recovering from a hip injury, while Djokovic has already called it a season due to an elbow injury. The two Grand Slam champions have had a rough, injury-plagued 2016 season. Though Murray still hasn't officially put an end to his season, that will probably happen soon.

Murray announced on social media recently that he is out of the upcoming China Open in Beijing and Shanghai Masters.

The Scot also said he is unlikely to play at the Vienna Open and Paris Masters. Should he refuse to Vienna and Paris as well, that would be it for the season.

Fresh, ready, and determined

Two Grand Slam champions Murray and Djokovic are expected to make their comebacks in January. The two would be coming off a six-month break. Both are set to enter the 2018 season as fresh as anyone, but the lack of competitive action could take its toll early on.

Murray and Djokovic would love to contend for the Australian Open glory. The world No. 3 and the Serbian have been one of the most successful players in Melbourne in recent years. Djokovic is a six-time Australian Open champion, while Murray has finished five times runner-up in Melbourne.

Four of five Murray's final on the hard of Melbourne came against Djokovic.

Sampras told The Independent he thinks Murray and Djokovic "are going to be very eager and determined" to succeed after taking that much time off. "I'm sure Novak and Andy are going to be right in the mix next year and compete for majors," Sampras added.

It's not the end for Murray

Sampras, 46, absolutely believes that Murray can rediscover his old form once back on the court. Murray is having one of his worst seasons ever, but injuries caused much of that. The Scott battled with shingles and was hampered by an elbow injury before a hip injury hit him.

Murray will need to be fully healthy and ready to be a force again.

Murray, who is known as a big fighter and grinder, was struggling big-time against USA's Sam Querrey in the Wimbledon quarter-finals. The Scot hobbled and couldn't move the way he wanted because of a hip injury, causing him not to play his best tennis and eventually lose the match.

Sampras opinioned that Murray can once again "without a doubt be the same force he was." Sampras then went on to add that he doesn't see "anything stopping" Murray from a tennis-playing standpoint. The American also acknowledged that injuries are the "only thing" that can hold him back

''But as soon as Andy gets back playing, he will compete for all the majors and be right in the thick of things,'' Sampras further added.