It looks like stars are aligning pretty well for a super-team in L.A. The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t anymore just potential free agency destination; they are a legit threat to signing Paul George, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James when all of these superstars hit the market next summer.

Recreating version of Showtime Lakers

Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka have done a terrific job bringing the buzz back to the Lakers after several years of mediocrity under Jim Buss’ and Mitch Kupchack’s administration. Magic already had a vision for the Lakers even before he accepted the top front office position from current controlling owner Jeanie Buss, and that is to create another version of the fabled ‘Showtime Lakers.’

After landing the second pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, Johnson knew what the first order of business was.

He needed a point guard who’s flashy and at the same effect on the court. Lonzo Ball, who averaged 14.6 points, 7.6 assists and 6.0 rebounds per game as a freshman at UCLA, checked all Magic’s requirements. Johnson has no doubts in his mind that Ball can be the leader of the Lakers’ run-and-gun identity that will draw marquee free agents in the process.

“Number one is pace of play. We have to be a running basketball team. If we’re able to run with Lonzo Ball at the point guard it’s going to be beautiful to watch,” Johnson said on ESPN First Take.

George, Westbrook, and LeBron in one summer

The Lakers entered the 2017/18 NBA season with a much-improved roster following a series of moves executed by Magic-Pelinka tandem.

However, the Lakers president of basketball operations stressed that success won’t be solely based on clinching a playoff spot at the end of regular-season. He just wants his team to take gradual progress towards becoming a competitive team in the future. After all, Magic knows the league’s landscape is about to change next summer, and the Lakers are at the center of that revolution.

Many NBA insiders think that among the three-headed superstars expected to hit the free agency market in 2018, Paul George is almost a guarantee to sign with the Lakers. The NBA may have slapped the Lakers with a $500K fine for violating the anti-tampering rule, but Magic has already completed his objective of convincing George he bleeds purple-and-gold.

Sam Presti’s decision to trade for George also doesn’t bode well for the OKC Thunder because they may have possibly brought on board a Lakers recruiter in camouflage for Westbrook. The reigning NBA MVP has kept the Thunder in their toes since he hasn’t made a decision whether or not to commit long-term.

Westbrook has until Oct.18 to sign that massive five-year extension. Failing to do so could prompt the Thunder to consider trade options for Westbrook because losing two superstars without compensations in a span of three years would be a PR nightmare.

And finally, 2018 offseason will be the summer of LeBron yet again. James, who is expected to opt out in the third year of $100M contract with the Cavs, is reportedly eyeing a handful of teams as the next stop of his legacy tour.

The Lakers happen to be one of them.

Even before he re-joined the Cavaliers in 2014, the Lakers have always been high on James’ list of preferred teams. With LeBron already giving the Cavs their first ever championship, he felt the fulfillment of his promise to the city of Cleveland gives him all the right to bolt out and play for more championships elsewhere.

The Lakers can certainly provide him with the right supporting casts to win titles if Westbrook and George come in. But another enticing element with the Lakers is the location. Beyond the glitz and glamour lies an opportunity for LeBron to explore other business opportunities and further bolster his brand.

And apparently, LeBron isn’t the only one in the James household who understands the benefit of living in L.A.

Savannah, who is reportedly lobbying James to relocate to a warmer city, even convinced his husband to visit a private school in Los Angeles this week. It’s premature to speculate James will be moving to L.A with his family next year, but these reports are certainly backing up that assumption.