The Oakland Raiders are not moving to Las Vegas for another two years, but the Silver and the Black team have sure managed to take over the town anyway. The sportsbooks in the casinos are being flooded with bets on the Raiders to win the Super Bowl in 2018. The Silver and Black started with 20-1 odds and are now at 6-1 odds.

Despite having the most bets to win it all, the Raiders are the second favorite in odds to win. They are right behind the New England Patriots. The Champions have the best odds at 3-1 and are still considered as having one of the best squad in the NFL.

However, the people in Vegas are putting their money on the Raiders.

Additionally, the Raiders are also being picked as the favorites to win the AFC West division and the AFC Conference. The Silver and Black has basically taken over and has the most bets at every level at most sportsbooks in Las Vegas, which includes the famous Caesars Palace.

The impact the Raiders made

The Raiders are not moving to Las Vegas until 2019, but their presence is already being felt. At the Las Vegas airport, gift shops and news stands are selling hats, t-shirts, and other Silver and Black paraphernalia.

The Raiders have also taken over the casinos with having the most bets placed n them. It is believed that gamblers are actually betting on the Raiders because the team really does have a good squad.

The Raiders have been making all the right moves and have been very impressive on the field the in the last two seasons.

Last year's outcome

The Raiders were predicted to go 8-8 last season by most football analysts. However, the Silver and Black took the 2016 season by storm and ended with an impressive 10-6. They were so good during the 2016 season that many analysts predicted them to go all the way in the postseason.

Some injuries marred the season for the Raiders last year and they ended up losing their first game post season to the Houston Texans. One particular injury was sustained by quarterback Derek Carr two games before the regular season ended.

This year, the Raiders are predicted to do better than last year as the team has prepared a lot better than last season.

Other right moves were made, such as picking up running back Marshawn Lynch to keep the Raiders on the map on being one of the best teams in the league.

Now, the Oakland Raiders have the most bets to win all categories that they can possibly win. Gamblers in Las Vegas seem to be putting their money where their mouths are.