On Tuesday evening, NFL arbitrator Harold Henderson decided to uphold the six-game suspension that was given to the Dallas Cowboys starting running back Ezekiel Elliott. However, the league ruled that they will allow Elliott to play in week one against the New York Giants on Sunday night. The league claims the decision to allow him to play in the team's season opener is due to the timing of the final ruling of Elliott's appeal. Despite the suspension being upheld, there is a good chance Zeke could play the entire season without serving the suspension.

Elliott and his attorney filed for a Temporary Restraining Order so that the NFL's ruling would be blocked until the matter is settled in federal court. According to ESPN, a Texas judge will make the ruling on Friday regarding the matter. If the judge awards Zeke the order, he will be allowed to play this season until the case is resolved. If not, the six-game suspension will stand and he will not be allowed to return until week 8 of the season.

Chances Elliott has of being awarded a temporary restraining order

Over the years, the NFL has shown that they have their own ways of handling the discipline of its' players. Most suspensions go through the appeal process, but not too many make it to federal court.

However, in the case of domestic violence, being accused can ruin the image of a player forever. So, it should come to no surprise that Zeke is trying to defend himself against the accusations of his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately for Elliott, the last huge domestic case the NFL had to deal with caused them major backlash when Roger Goodell issued Ray Rice a small two-game suspension after knocking his wife out cold in an elevator.

When video surfaced, Goodell had to enforce a much harsher punishment for Rice and he has not been in an NFL uniform since. However, in Elliott's case, there was no evidence given to the league that indicated he was guilty of the accusations made by his ex-girlfriend. So, there is a good chance he could come out on top in the judge's ruling on Friday.

If so, Cowboys fans will surely be excited to know they will have their starting RB the entire season.

Why Zeke's decision will help his image moving forward

Ezekiel Elliott's decison to take the NFL to federal court is an attempt to prove his innocence and that the league has made an unfair decision to suspend him without any valid evidence that he did anything wrong. Even if he lose the case, the matter should help him mature better and get rid of alll the influences that will ruin his career moving forward.