New England Patriots star Tom Brady is the latest individual to offer his take on Colin Kaepernick. The 29-year-old player continues to be unemployed, which many blame on his protests made against discrimination.

Curiously, other NFL players have done the same as of late. That includes Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks who started his kneeling protest in the preseason. There have been others who have done their own protests since.

NFL players who have protested

Kaepernick and Bennett are in good company as far as protesting whenever the national anthem is played.

Other players who have protested so far include Malcolm Jenkins of the Philadelphia Eagles and Marcus Peters of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jenkins had other teammates who did their own protests too. Defensive end Chris Long kept his hand on Jenkins back, same with safety Rodney McLeod. Seeing how other players are doing their part to make a stand, seeing Kaepernick left out has become a big mystery.

Goodell believes it is a question of need

While the blackballing claims against Kaepernick continue, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell thinks otherwise. He believes that Milwaukee native has not fit into any of the systems of teams in need of a quarterback.

In a way, Goodell may have a point. Kaepernick fell out of the system of San Francisco 49ers, especially with a new coach at the helm.

Kyle Shanahan replaced Chip Kelly and apparently, a new system is in place.

Kaepernick did opt out of his contract, perhaps the best recourse he had given the situation of the team. His name has since been mentioned as an option for several teams but nothing came close to a potential signing.

Brady wishes Kaepernick well

Tom Brady recently appeared on CBS Sunday Morning and various questions were thrown the Patriots star.

When the topic shifted to Kaepernick, the 40-year-old bared how the embattled player was someone he admired.

"He came to our stadium and beat us and took his team to the Super Bowl. He accomplished a lot in the pros as a player. And he's certainly qualified and I hope he gets a shot," recalled Brady.

Brady is the latest to speak up on the Kaepernick situation.

A couple of weeks ago, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers believes the 29-year-old should be playing in the NFL but singled out the protests as likely the reason for teams passing up on him.

Despite the support coming from various sectors, the fact remains that Kaepernick remains a free agent. Most of the high-profile quarterbacks have been signed. Hence, it will be interesting to see which team would risk signing the former second-round pick of the 2011 NFL Draft.