Colin Kaepernick’s NFL career just got a flicker of hope with two teams reportedly considering the controversial 29-year-old. The Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs expressed their willingness to take in the embattled quarterback though that is the closest for now.

Will the Chiefs be better with Kaepernick?

For Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, it is all about making the team better. Apparently, he is aware of what Kaepernick is capable off though the 29-year-old is still groping since falling to injury.

Curiously, he did single out how certain (troublesome) players would not be a good fit for the Chiefs.

But it appears that Kaepernick is someone not included in that, hence the potential consideration. While that should be great to hear, he adds that it will ultimately be up to the Chiefs head coach or general manager to decide.

If ever the Chiefs pull the trigger, it would be an odd scenario. One is that Kaepernick would end up with the same guy he replaced in San Francisco, Alex Smith. Seeing both on the same team does sound odd but nothing is certain – at least for now.

Baltimore Ravens not ruling out Kaepernick

If not the Chiefs, a trip to Baltimore could be happening soon for Colin. With Joe Flacco injured, the Ravens seem to be considering Kaepernick to help the team. The bad news is that this will be a short-term fix.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh is not ruling out the 29-year-old but added that nothing is imminent. Like most, he is aware of Kaepernick’s case and believes it all boils down to what the former 49ers quarterback’s passion and priority are.

Harbaugh is aware Kaepernick has the talent, admitting that he is an accomplished player.

But if there is one thing he hopes won’t come included, it would be the activist side that brought down the Milwaukee native.

As briefly as possible, that included the kneeling protest he did to show his support for social injustice. While it seemed harmless, it wasn’t the case for most of the league. Many felt it was overblown and hence the alleged blackballing Kaepernick is reportedly getting right now.

With most veteran quarterbacks getting a call, Kaepernick’s time may be coming soon. Seeing how he only got one try out as of this writing, hearing two teams expressing interest would be the best news yet. It may all depend on need and probably another round of skimming at potential quarterbacks available out there.

The only problem right now is that Kaepernick may be too good and tempting to pass up. But along with that comes the sideshow – something most have taken exception from which will hopefully die down soon.