The game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs remained close throughout but in the end, the Chiefs proved to be the stronger team by pulling away with the 27-20 win. The Eagles were almost able to tie the game and send it into overtime when the special teams unit recovered an onside kick with five seconds remaining on the game clock. However, Carson Wentz's bomb to the end zone was batted down with zero seconds left on the clock. With the win, the Chiefs improved to a 2-0 record, while Philly now moves to 1-1.

Former Eagles head coach Andy Reid was able to get the win against his former team that he coached for 13 seasons and his former assistant coach in Doug Pederson.

Doug left Reid's side last season when he took the head coaching position for the Philadelphia Eagles. Unfortunately, Pederson failed to lead Philly to the postseason in his first year, but he added plenty of talent this offseason to put the team in a better position to do so. Last season, the Eagles didn't see the first lost until the fourth game of the season. The earlier loss may be what the team needs this season in order to stay away from getting complacent and missing the playoffs like they did last season.

Performance by Kareem Hunt

The Chiefs picked up the young RB Kareem Hunt in the third round of the NFL Draft this offseason. Last week, in the season opener, Hunt had a stellar debut against the defending champion New England Patriots.

He followed that performance up in this weeks win against Philly by racking up 81 yards on the ground and 2 rushing TDs. He also had 28 yards receiving, which gave him over 100 yards of total offense.

The Chiefs were desperately looking for a running back that could replace former pro bowler Jamaal Charles after he departed to Denver this offseason.

As much success that Charles had as a member of the Chiefs, he struggled to remain healthy over the last couple of seasons and it put more pressure on QB Alex Smith to throw the ball more through the air. Now, it appears Smith has the back that he needs to give KC a well-balanced offense.

Too much pressure on Wentz again

In order for the Eagles to have a successful season, they have to find a way to build an impressive ground game that will take the pressure off the young Carson Wentz from having to throw the ball so much.

In the loss against KC, Wentz put the ball in the air 46 times. However, the team did not hand the ball off once to the newly acquired LaGarrett Blount. The smallest player on the team in Darren Sproles led the team with 10 carries for just 48 yards and Wentz had the most rushing yards with 55.

If the Eagles can find a way to develop the proper ground attack with Blount, it could help save Wentz from taking costly sacks in the fourth quarter like he did against KC. Next week, Philly will take on their division rivals the New York Giants.