Neymar’s move to Paris Saint-Germaine transformed him into the worlds' most expensive player, but not much is known about the amount of money he makes on a monthly basis. With a transfer fee of nearly $265 million, it’s clear the player is earning quite a lot at his new club.

Latest leaks have revealed that the Brazilian makes around $3.6 million each month, which works out to $44 million annually. That’s more than what Lionel Messi currently earns but still isn’t enough to land him the number one spot.

Carlos Tevez is making a lot of money in China

The Chinese have been spending big to land world class players in a bid to boost their own football league to the same level as the English Premier League. So far, they are only able to grab players who are no longer wanted at the highest level in Europe, but at least they are getting relatively young players.

Tevez is one of the top football players who decided to leave Europe for China. He’s currently the highest paid player as he’s making a whopping $46 million per year. That’s quite an achievement and a clear sign of how far The Chinese are willing to in a bid to compete with the big boys at the professional level.

Let’s put Neymar’s earnings into perspective

On a daily basis, the Brazilian star is making $120,000 per day, $4,800 per hour, and $78 per minute. Earning that amount gives him the right to become the new king at Paris Saint-Germaine, and not even Cavani is capable of putting a stop that.

The football world has witnessed both players arguing over who should take a vital penalty kick, and chances are, it won’t be the last time.

The big question is, can he make a consistent and impressive showing with his new club. The player did an exceptional job at Barcelona, so the entire football world is expecting wonders from him at PSG.

Lionel Messi could become world top paid footballer

Messi has yet to sign a new contract with Barcelona, and rumors have it he could soon sign a new one with an annual wage demand set at $48 million.

That would put him ahead of both Neymar and Tevez, but not by much.

So far, Messi is still the world’s best player, and it shows in how well he’s playing for Barcelona. Christiano Ronaldo, who’s 32-years-old, is showing his age, and may only have a few years left at Real Madrid before he retires.

Retirement is not too far away for Messi as well, so it will be up to Neymar, the likes of Dembele, Mbappe, and Alvaro Morata to keep football interesting.